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  1. On the road of the community, I often see the dogs who are running around, and the "masters" who are sweating and helpless. Don't think that such a dog is very beautiful, let alone the active and healthy performance of the dog-actually so slippery, not only the master's own hard work, but also the little guy who is so excited. Neighbors; more importantly, such "self -proper claims" can only show that your dog is not "educated"!nIn fact, your dog should always be consistent with your pace when you walk out. This can not only avoid the risk of car accidents and loss, but also the basis for the harmonious coexistence of dogs and passers -by. Don't just love dogs blindly, regulate their behavior in a scientific way, will not only make you more relaxed and happy with its common life, but also to establish a good public image for the dogs, win more respect and friendship for it EssencenTo train a dog with "education" and obedient, we must first establish the authority of the owner and conduct accompanying training to make it a good dog.nIn addition, changing the route is also a good way. When the dog runs on the established route every day and no longer cares about the owner's attitude, you can suddenly change the familiar route. For example, go forward for a while, return back, and do this several times a walk. Because only by doing this can it understand that it must always pay attention to the owner's intention, otherwise it will fall into a passive situation.nTraining accompany, starting with the puppynIn order to make training easier and more obedient dogs, accompanying training should generally start from childhood. As long as you follow the steps below, plus sufficient patience, I believe that the dog will soon develop the habit of accompanying.n1. After bringing the traction band, let the dog on the left side of the owner. In this way, the owner can use his left hand to grab the traction belt, hold the dog's favorite snack with his right hand, and let it sit down obediently.n2. At the time of departure, you might as well develop your habits in the first few times. First of all, take your left leg, and at the same time, the drawing zone of the Lara, and a "keep up" order to the dog. If the dog is too anxious or excited at this time, you should rush forward, you should grab the neck circle with your left hand in time to gently pull the dog back to the right position.n3. When the dog leans on the right position beside the owner, it should be rewarded to soothe it or snacks. Then order the dog to sit down, and when it gradually obeys the continuous password, it gradually controls the distance of the dog.n4. When the owner walks around, if the puppy can follow the host and follow the command to sit down, you can start training the dog to turn right! At this time, the owner can use his left hand to guide the dog to turn right and issue an "keep up" order.nFollowed common problemsn1. If the puppy tries to stand upright or climb the traction band, tell it "no" or "leave", and then order the dog to sit down and start training from scratch. Of course, do not train for walking outdoors in the early stage, because various interference will hinder the effectiveness of training.n2. If the dog is sluggish and refuses to move, you can use the dog's favorite toy to seduce it patiently.nDon't pull or lose your temper, but apply rewards to encourage it to make dogs build confidence.n3. Every time the dog rushes forward, he ordered it to sit down.nThe owner and the dog cannot relax at all times. For dogs with changeable character, they may wish to bring it to the head of the dog in the early stages.n4. Be sure to avoid stepping on or kicking the dog's feet during the training, because this may make the dog feel or passive with the accompanying.n5. Do not rush from traction to freedom. We must wait patiently until the dog develops a more consolidated accompanying habit, and then abandon the traction belt.nFollowed out, deal with feces in a timely mannernDogs are generally used to pulling feces on soft soil. If they are not cleared in time, they will become a hotbed for spawning for flies. In addition, some sick dogs are excreted on the feces, which will carry parasites, which will not only pollute the environment, but also threaten children. If the child eats when you touch the shit without washing your hands, he will get sick from the mouth.

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