4 thoughts on “Dogs are brought out outdoors, what should the dog motion sickness be dealt with?”

  1. If there is a companion in the car, and when it is not a high -speed road, you can let the dog breathe fresh air through the window, and at the same time use the curiosity of the dog to appreciate the scenery along the way and transfer the dog's attention. If you know your own dog motion sickness, before you plan to go out, feed a little bit of food appropriately, and it is easier to eat too much. Motion sickness drugs such as benzenerara can relieve animal motion disease (motion sickness). It is best to buy pets for pets. The use dose of the instructions will be fed to the dog.
    let the dog familiar with the car first. The dog's first car is shorter for the first time. Observe the dog's condition. It is particularly scared. Bar barking, then let it get out of the car, then take it in the car, and slowly adapt to it. I can get used to it a few times, so that the dog can avoid the motion sickness caused by the motion of the dog because of fear and emotional excitement. In order to prevent dog motion sickness, the first time you take a car in a relatively stable and short distance, you should make your dogs get used to the feeling of taking a car. In addition, you can drive a window for the dog. Then increase the distance and the time of ride, so that the dog will not impress the dog.
    Igly, it is recommended to put on a pet seat belt to better ensure that the dog's noodles are sitting forward, which can reduce the stimulation of the nausea visual signal and reduce the degree of motion sickness. Try to be as stable as possible during the driving process to avoid shaking and braking the rapids. Once the dog has vomiting and other discomfort, it is best to stop immediately.
    It, like people, can overcome motion sickness by doing more exercise. Some dogs will never motion sick after a few returns. However, some dogs do not have the opportunity to exercise frequently, so that dogs with motion sickness habits must take measures first. Do not eat and drink water one hour before traveling. When the dog's stomach is too hungry or too full Do not eat enough before ride. If you eat for an hour, take the car! 2. I am afraid that the dog will vomit, and it is not good to take a car by car! 3. If you move for a long distance, stop and rest a few times in the middle of the way to let the dog move.

  2. The pet owner can let the dog sit in the front row of the car or on the floor of the back row. Even if the body shakes, the dog will not feel too much shock, giving the dog a feeling in flat ground. The place where you go out and play is relatively long. There will be a rest station on the way. Every time you pass the rest station, the pet owner can take the dog down and let the dog breathe the fresh air and bring the dog to the dog. Take some Huoxiangzhengqi Pills, two grams of small dogs, five grams of large dogs, or prescribe some motion sickness drugs for dogs at the hospital, so that the dog can prevent motion sickness.

  3. The best way is not to take the dog into the car, because it is very dangerous to bring the dog into the car, and there may be traffic accidents.

  4. At this time, the windows are immediately opened and the air circulates, and then appropriately decelerates to alleviate the discomfort of the dog. It can also give the dog some medicines to prevent motion sickness to relieve the symptoms of the dog's motion sickness.

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