5 thoughts on “How can I die for the dog to die?”

  1. Your dog has been with you for more than ten years, and he is particularly loyal and obedient. Slowly getting older and getting serious illness, leaving you in a few days or a few months, leaving this home that was given to him. But you want to let him die safely, I don't think you should do it like this. I've been with you for many years, and the relationship between more than 10 years is still there. Are you willing to let your dogs happy to die? I know that the dog has a serious illness now, it is painful and uncomfortable. But don't do this, if the dog really knows that he is alive, he will leave you by himself and find a corner and die slowly. So in the next few days or a few months, accompany it. Take care of his family's warmth, so that such warm death is a matter of peace for it. Hope to adopt, thank you!

  2. Just spend some money to go to the pet shop and let them give Anle about 200 to 300! This is the best. If you think of her as a family or at least a little emotional to him, this result is the best.

  3. Dogs are the same first, first push into the stabilization needle and then push into Anle Needle

    provided that the patient is extremely painful and cannot be treated, r
    I walked

    but screamed. Essence Essence Because the cardiac arrest is also very painful, I have seen the injection of the cat for the cat

  4. I think I still have to go to a professional institution to die for the dog, but you must say goodbye to him before euthanasia. After all, he also uses his short life to accompany you

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