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  1. The pets in the current family seem to be very different from the animals raised before. The current cats and dogs are more like a child and are very important among family members. Pet dogs are one of the first choice for pets, but their lives are only ten years, and the owners are all of them. Therefore, if you want to raise one more time with your pet dog, you may wish to know some of these "longevity" dogs.

    Wang Shouxing One: Teddy
    The exquisite pets like toys have gradually entered a lot of families. Not only are they love each other, they also taste small and do not remove hair. The most important thing is that their average life expectancy is very long and very psychic. Because the Teddy dogs are together with many advantages, they have become the most raised pet dogs in my country.

    Wang Shouxing Two: Chihuahua
    This dog is petite, flexible, healthy, and very cute. Although they look fragile and seem difficult to feed, this is not the case, their life span can be 17 years old or even eighteen. It is worth noting that the shoveling officer is that because Chihuahua is too small, try not to let them reproduce the next generation, which will help their lives and health. Because Chihuahua is a very insecure dog. If you raise them, please take care of their emotions and love them like a baby.

    Wang Shouxing three digits: Bomei
    . Its appearance is perfect. Their exclusive "crooked head kill" captured the hearts of many hostess. But the advantages of Bomei are not just beautiful and cute, but their life span is also very long, so girls may wish to consider this variety of dogs. The appearance of Pomeranian is like a small mini fox, which is both delicate and charming, but also very aura.

    Wang Shouxing Four Bits: Sausage
    The variety of dogs is "sausage" because its head, body, and limbs are like sausage. But the most noteworthy of the dogs that raise this variety are their bone health, especially the health of the waist. Because their bodies are long, the lumbar spine needs to shovel officers. As long as this important part is guaranteed, you can do your exclusive dog for a long time!

  2. Bichon dog (12-14 years)
    is bold and sticky than Bear dogs, but docile and quiet, very suitable for accompanying family, and basically do not lose hair, so you don’t need to sweep hair every day. There is no need to have a large amount of exercise, just take it out to play occasionally.
    The Shi Shi Dog (14-15 years)
    This dogs are lively and cheerful, and they are very docile and polite to people. It is also called the most perfect apartment pet, which is very suitable for home breeding.
    Pme dog (14-16 years)
    Per Mei Dog is one of the most lively dogs. The personality is lively and cute. There are also a lot of people.
    Malzis dogs (14-16 years)
    Malzis dogs are moving and moving, which requires a certain amount of exercise, which can promote its digestion and absorption ability and maintain normal appetite.
    Teddy dogs (16-17 years)
    Themid dog life is also very long, lively and cheerful, do not lose hair, small taste, and eat much Essence But sometimes the dog is fighting, relying on the owner to do whatever he wants.

  3. Chihuahua, with a petite figure, flexible mind, healthy skills, and very beautiful elves. Their life span can be 17 years old or even eighteen. The IQ of the poodle is high and the living wave is active. It is a happy fruit of the elderly and a good playmate of children. The life expectancy of poodles is generally 13-15 years. The Bagu dog's temperament is very optimistic, the sense of resistance is not very strong, and the tolerance for people is very large. It has almost no temper. The life expectancy of the Pagger is generally 13-14 years.

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