5 thoughts on “Why don't dogs bite their own families who have never seen each other?”

  1. The dog's IQ is relatively high, and he will not bite his own family who has never seen each other. Because the dog can judge who this person is through the attitude of the owner. If the owner's face with a smile on his face and the two people are talking happily together, the dog can judge that this is his family and will not bite. And the family can exude a kind of kindness, which can be caught by the dog.
    Inned some judgments, recognizing this is the person in his own family.
    The dogs are amazing. Even if they have not seen their relatives or children, they will not bite or call them when they see them. Because the owner has some different performances when facing these people, for example, when he sees strangers, the owner's face will not have a smile and will drive them away. And when the strange people enter the house, they also have some malicious maliciousness on their bodies, which can also make the dog perceive and let the dog understand that this is a bad person, and they will yell to attract the owner's attention. Therefore, it is really good to raise a dog in the home. It can be accompanied by both and can participate in the protection of the owner's property security.
    The owner told the dog who would come back tomorrow, and the dog had a consciousness in his heart.
    In the minds of the owner, the dog is a member of the family, and they will also talk to the dog. For example, when there is a relative or a child who is back tomorrow, the owner will be very happy, and he will keep talking with the dog, so that the dog understands that there is a relative in the family who comes. And the atmosphere in the home will be completely different, and it will make the dog perceive. So through all kinds of judgments, the dog will recognize this is their own, and they will not bite again. They will also turn around them, remember the taste of them, and be able to welcome them next time to welcome them It's right.
    This summary
    It don't think that dogs are an animal, it is not very smart. This kind of understanding is wrong. The dog's IQ is relatively high, and the perception of human emotions is also very sensitive, especially suitable for pets.

  2. Because they have a strong sense of smell, they can feel the idioms at home. The dogs have been raising for a long time. The dog will understand the owner's every move, and even judge the owner's mood from the master's every move.

  3. Because dogs are not familiar with these people's smells and have never seen it, they will think that this is a stranger, so they will bite them. This is also a manifestation of dog loyalty.

  4. Because the smell and temperament of their own family are very similar, dogs will distinguish others according to some odors, so they will not bite their own family.

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