2 thoughts on “What are the small pets suitable for children”

  1. 1. Pet dog: Teddy or Bear
    For many parents or children who like dogs, although the golden retriever is very warm, Husky is very good, Labrador is very well -behaved. However, living in the city, for the convenience of breeding, Teddy or Bear is more suitable for mini pets that children raise.
    2, little turtle
    In terms of breeding, the turtles are very good to feed. Basically, you can feed the turtle well. At the same time, the turtle's quiet personality may also exercise the concentration of children! This is helpful for children's future learning.
    3, little hamster
    lively and cute, especially love, and do not need to take care of it. He can live well. In addition, raising a little hamster can exercise the child's love.
    4, My Neighbor Totoro n
    The personality is very docile, unlike many cats to catch people. Even if your child is very naughty, no matter how angry, it will not be angry.
    5, snails
    The snails are very easy to raise, and at the same time, the environment is very quiet and the snail will show its tentacles. This can be a very good animal for children's patience and love cultivation.
    6, goldfish
    The colorful underwater world is the favorite place for every child. Raising a group of goldfish at home can satisfy the child's ability to explore the magic things, but the custody of goldfish is more troublesome than the above 4 small animals.

  2. Small dogs.
    Many people will consider children at home when raising dogs. Feeding a dog can make dogs a playmate of children and enhance children's sense of responsibility, but not all dogs are suitable for children with children Play, the dogs that can be raised with children should not be very aggressive, otherwise children will be dangerous. They must choose dogs with a docile personality. Corgi, golden retriever, VIPs, Labra, Labra Duo, Husky, Samoyed, etc. are more docile and loyal. Corgi, Corgi is very docile, and it is easier to raise small dogs.
    The pet dogs raised at home cannot only consider personal preferences, and must be accepted by family members, especially those with elderly people and children at home.

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