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  1. Dogs are frightened after being frightened:
    1, more companion
    When the dog is frightened, be sure to accompany the dog every day. At this time, the dog is also very dependent on the owner. Play with dogs every day and always appear in the dog's sight, which will make the dog feel at ease.
    2. Create a quiet environment
    The dogs will find a quiet place to stay, then slowly lick the wound. Go out and create a quiet and safe environment for dogs.
    3. Give dogs
    The dogs will have a very favorite food. At this time, find it out to give it to the dog. In front of the food, the dog will slowly relax the vigilance. Can eat.
    4, play toys with dogs
    find out the dog's favorite toys, such as balls, flying disks, or dolls, take it out to accompany the dog and play these toys, dogs Will quickly forget those fear. During this period, you must remember that don't take a dog out forcibly, it will be frightened again.
    Extension information:
    The symptoms of dogs are frightened:
    1. The frightened pet dog may become more timid. At the moment of being stimulated, it will suddenly mess around Running and barking loudly, the dog could not be calm because the owner issued an order.
    2. The frightened pet dog may be reduced by external adaptability. They will become more introverted and like to stay in the place where they think are safe, such as dog nests, under the bed, etc. Any changes in the outside world may scare it again.
    3, the frightened pet dog may also have a physical response. After being stimulated by some dogs, their appetite will be reduced, and they will not eat or drink.

  2. Dogs are scared that it is generally not related to it. First of all, check whether the dog is injured. The dog is more sensitive to strong light and loud noise, and the dog has the awareness of death. That is, it knows what is going on. This causes dogs to be overly associated with some inexplicable things.
    It care about it to appease him more. If necessary, drink water than him. If you do n’t eat for a long time, take him to the pet clinic (regular) to see, and give him infusion if necessary to supplement nutritional ingredients. You can hug it more, talk to it more, and try to disperse its attention. Playing more with it, I believe it is normal after a while. Of course, other reasons are not ruled out. If it is not effective, you can find professional veterinary medicines.

  3. Holding the dog, gently named its name, spoke to it with a happy voice, a gentle voice, seduced it with food, and accompanied it to scattered its attention. I did n’t see my dog ​​that day, and I stepped on it (it ’s not intentional, it was too small, I also liked to follow me, I always could n’t see it), but the dog was very frightened. Of course, there was pain in pain. , I can hear its voice upstairs and downstairs. After that, the dog hid it myself. I held it and kept apologizing to it, stroked it, and then filled it with a warm milk for a while. I tried to tease it throughout the afternoon, holding it with it Talk to it. When I went to cook at night, the little guy secretly followed me, and slowly followed me far away. I was sure that I couldn't move. Since I coax it for two days, tease it, after unremitting efforts, on the third day, the little guy forgot everything, and followed me to run crazy, play crazy, bite my pants legs. But in the future, I have noticed 120%, and you must not step on it anymore. Dogs, like children, were frightened and recovered slowly. The owner must accompany it to soothe it and help it out of the shadow of fear.

  4. If the dog wants to recover as soon as possible after being frightened, take a bit of soothing medicine and crush it to feed it;
    This you often hug it when you have time, and make it interesting to play with what it is interested in!
    In often teasing it for a while! Also feed it to eat some delicious!

  5. Feed a bit of omitromycin, go to the pharmacy to buy it, you want to buy a dog. Let's comfort him, don't give it bones to give it meat, the owner should always accompany her and touch him more. Let him feel security. Don't let him stay alone.

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