Where can I buy a pet like a puppy in Urumqi?

The cheap and simple way to buy is not to raise this city. Thank you for pulling (00)

4 thoughts on “Where can I buy a pet like a puppy in Urumqi?”

  1. Hua Ling Pet Street has arrived from the east of the Luming Bridge of Caramay Road. Many
    The pet market for Meiju Logistics Park, which is also good. There are also 150,000 Husky and 200,000 Tibetan mastiffs. Here, both buses in Urumqi have arrived in these two places.

  2. Sit 109 on Hua Ling
    or Meiju logistics circle
    . Do not buy it on the Bridge of Lili Bridge in Zhongshan Road
    All are sick dogs
    r nThe dog must have problems
    I just went to
    bought it back
    You who do n’t understand the market
    This is the sick dog
    . Finally spent a lot of money
    Wan not to take a bath
    S particularly easy to catch a cold
    must go to prevent injections first
    On the private pet hospital
    is expensive
    n, that's not expensive
    Is I hope you buy a smart and lovely dog ​​as soon as possible

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