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  1. Hot and sour dog meat:
    ingredients: 1500g of fresh dog meat, 200g of coriander, 100g of kimchi, 5 dried red pepper, 50g of winter bamboo shoots, 50g of wine, 15g of red pepper, 5g of refined salt, 50g of green garlic, 25g soy sauce, MSG 1.5g 1.5g , Vinegar 15g, pepper powder, 25g of wet starch, 10g of cinnamon, 15g of sesame oil, 15g onion, 100g of cooked lard, 15g of ginger.
    The method: 1. Drop the dog meat, soak it with warm water and scrape it, put it in the cold water cooker and cook it, wash it with water 2 times, put it in the casserole, add the shredded onions, ginger, cinnamon, dried red peppers, Shao wine 25g and water, cooked until 50 % rotten, cut into 5cm long and 2cm wide strips. Cut the kimchi, winter bamboo shoots, and red pepper, cut the flowers, wash the flowers, and wash the coriander.
    . Stir -stir -fry on the fire, add 50g of cooked oil, burn it to 80 % heat into the dog meat, spray the scent, add soy sauce, refined salt and original soup, pour it in the casserole, use a small fire to the crispy rotten rotten rotten. , Get dry juice and enters the plate.
    3. Put cooked lard in the wok and boil to 80 % heat. Add the winter bamboo shoots, kimchi and red peppers a few times. Pour the dog meat soup and boil it. , Cover on the dog meat, and spend the coriander around them.
    The casserole stewed dog meat:
    The casserole stingy dog ​​meat, which is a famous dish in many places. This dish is golden, fragrant, thick and mellow, crispy and delicious.
    ingredients: 500g of dog hind legs, 100g of mint, 10g sugar, 25g of dried pepper, 10g of liquor, 10g onion, 10g of ginger, 6g of ingredients, 10g of grass fruit, 2g of peppercorns, 20g of refined salt, rapeseed oil 120g, rapeseed oil 120g , Soy sauce 20g, 150g of broth.
    Made in method: 1. Cut the dog meat into 4cm to see the square, rinse with water twice, control the water, wash the mint, and pick the tender tip.
    2. Fire in the wok, inject rapeseed oil, boil to 70 % of heat, add grass fruits, big ingredients, pepper, sugar, salt, dried pepper segment, green onion, ginger, soy sauce, stir -fry the dog meat for 20 minutes for 20 minutes , Inject the broth, boil and pour into the casserole. Fire the casserole, add the liquor twice, switch to the low heat, simmer for about L hours, and put on the mint when the soup is thickened. The dog meat is pulled off with water, then rinsed, and the flavor is greatly reduced after cooked.
    . Sip the dog meat in the casserole, boil the high heat, stew slowly, and the dog meat is rotten.
    3. After the mint, you can do it. If you boil, the aroma is lost.
    The stewed dog meat:
    ibu ingredients: 6g of cooked slices, 100g ginger, 150g dog meat, moderate seasoning.
    Premiability: First, stir -fry the meat pieces with garlic and peanuts, and add a slightly frying of the dog meat. After the skin is yellow, add the right amount of water. After boiling with a fire, put it in a cooked attachment and ginger slices. When the dog is rotten, seasoning can be seasoned.
    If: Said meals.
    Purament: Cold in the warmth, used for thin people's limbs, no warmth, every winter, frostbite, frequent nighturicuria, dizziness, anemia and other deficiency diseases.
    The taboos to eat dog meat:
    The avoiding people who suffer from non -deficient diseases eat dog meat. Dog meat is hot food, and it is not advisable to eat too much at a time. Anyone who suffers from non -deficient diseases such as cough, cold, fever, diarrhea, and yin deficiency and fire should not be eaten.
    I avoiding half -life -old dog meat. Eating unpopular dog meat, the rotor hair bugs breed in dog meat can infect the human body. San avoids crazy dog ​​meat. The mad dog's saliva contains rabies virus. As long as the human skin is damaged during operation, the virus may be stained. Therefore, the mad dog meat should be resolutely avoiding it.

  2. Dog Soup
    The soup is indispensable in the daily diet of the Korean people, and dog broth is the first choice of food in various soup dishes.
    The meat is rich in protein, low fat, high nutritional value, and has certain nourishing health effects on the human body. Among the Korean people, there is a saying "Sanfu Tian Drinking Dog's Broth is like taking medicine." Today, no matter the cold winter or the hot summer, dog soup is often placed on the table of Korean families.
    The method of making dog broth is: after killing the dog, putting blood, cleaning the net hair and cleaning the internal organs, putting it in a large pot, and cooking until the dog meat can be torn out. The cooked soup is milky white, and the seasoning can be eaten.
    seasoning is the key to determining whether the taste of the dog's soup is delicious. It is composed of pepper noodles, coriander, soy sauce, salt, chives, green onions, garlic and other condiments. Put various spices in a small pot, add fat dog meat, and boil into juice sauce. The juice is spicy and fragrant, and it is abnormally appetizing in the soup.
    . In the past, the Han people in the northeast did not eat dog meat. Now, the traditional Korean dog soup is not only favored by the people of the Northeast, but also entered Beijing. Featured dishes.

    dog soup

    n 250 grams of parallel slices 15 grams of filament 10 grams of salt flavor ginger green onion wine
    n [Production] r r r r r

    1. Wash the dog meat, put the whole piece in the boiling water pot, and then pour it in the boiling water pot. Wash the blood foam in cold water and cut into a 3.2 cm long square; cut the ginger and onion for later use.

    2. Put the dog meat in the pot, stir -fry the ginger slices, add cooking wine, and pour the dog meat and ginger slices into the casserole together; Put the casserole with salt and green onions, add an appropriate amount of clear soup, boil it with martial arts, stew with fire, and after the meat is rotten.

    [Usage] When taking it, you do n’t need to pick the medicine bag, add MSG, eat meat and soup. Twenty times a day, Saiton.

    [Efficacy] Warm kidney to help the yang, supplement the essence of benefiting. Suitable for yang deficiency, mental weakness, and soft waist and knees.

  3. The method of the original soup dog meat: In fact, it is very simple. It emphasizes the original flavor. Boil the water to 70-80 degrees, and put the dog meat into a dullness, add a small amount of Shengpi, remember that it must be a small fire blunt, about 10-about 10- 15分钟后,加少量的盐.再小火钝10-15分钟加适合你口味适当的盐,还有味精(最好不要用鸡精).再钝10-20分钟,你大概就可以闻到狗肉The fragrance.

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