How to make dog bone soup?

How to make dog bone soup? The method requested must be simple, suitable for everyone at home! And I heard that drinking soup does not add salt. Why? Wouldn't it taste without salt? Could you please tell me ~

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  1. Materials of dog broth:
    Main ingredients: 1000 grams of dog meat
    ) Auxiliary materials: 100 grams of eggs
    Seasoning: 100 grams of coriander, 100 grams of green onions, 100 grams of pepper, 10 grams of pepper, soy sauce soy sauce, soy sauce sauce 200 grams, 5 grams of salt, 10 grams of mustard, 20 grams of marinated leeks, 3 grams of MSG
    The characteristics of dog broth:
    The teach you how to make dog soup, how to make dog broth is delicious
    1. Cut the dog meat (with bone dog meat) into 6 pieces, soak the bleeding water with cold water, wash;
    2. Wash. Put the clean dog meat in a boiling water pot and cook, skim the foam when boiling, and then put out the oil in the pot;
    3. Put the floating oil from the boiled dog meat in the spoon. Put the pepper powder when the oil is hot. ,炸好后倒入碗内,即成调料酱;rn4. 肉煮到十分熟时捞出(原汤汁仍在锅内),趁热拆出骨头,骨头放入锅内,熟肉Torn into silk;
    5. Wash the coriander and cut it into sections;
    6. Put onion, soy sauce, pepper, spoon in the torn shredded pork, and heat the heat after the taste;
    7. Put the shredded pork in the bowl, put a little coriander, pour the appropriate amount of seasoning sauce, put it in the rolling original soup, and then pour in an appropriate amount of egg juice;
    8. , Mustard, pickled chives, pepper powder, monosodium glutamate, can be seasoned by themselves.

    makes of dog broth:
    1. The quality of yellow dog meat is the best quality, black dogs are second;
    2. Dog meat should be soaked in cold water, soaked hematopoietic water. Foxy;
    3. When cooking dog meat, add a little Suzi, and the soup is fresh. Ripe dog meat is torn with hand, and the thickness is uniform.

    Small posts-Health Tips:
    In winter, you can get cold and warm, fitness and life. Drink soup in summer, sweat and squeeze back; until winter to resist, it is not easy to catch a cold.

  2. Because the current salt generally contains iodine, if it is placed early, the iodine composition will be destroyed, and there is no nutrition. Iodine can prevent big neck disease. Benefits.

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