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  1. How to look at the age of dogs:
    1, judgment body: young dogs are lively and active, it can be said to be as light as swallows. For obstacles, they will boldly choose to try to cross. When dogs are 5 years old, they choose everything to focus on safety and no longer like adventure spirit when they are young. Therefore, at this time, they will maintain a relatively stable state of action. And the 10 -year -old dogs have entered the old age, their actions will become slow, and some dogs will also have humpback, which is easy to identify.
    2, hair information: As long as the dog's original hair is not white, you can judge its age through whether the dog grows white hair. Generally speaking, the hair near the dog's mouth will turn white first when it is 5 years old, and then slowly extends to the entire face and back. If 70%of the hair on the head of the dog has turned white, then the dog is already over 10 years old, and if the dog's head becomes white, it means that the dog is more than 13 years old.
    3, eyes: eyes, can't lie to people, puppies' eyes have no impurities, very clear, watery small eyes look at you, and you can sprout you in minutes. The eyes of the dogs in your youth were bright and resolute. When dogs enter their age, they are likely to suffer from cataracts. According to information, dogs over 10 years old generally have cataracts. And at this time, the response to the stimulation of the eyes will be significantly more slower than the puppies and youth dogs.

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