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  1. How how much does it cost to treat dog skin diseases
    Generally speaking, dogs' skin diseases include fungi, bacteria, mites, allergies, etc. Therefore, the price of dog skin diseases depends on dogs. What is the severity of skin diseases and diseases. Some may only spend dozens of dollars to buy an ointment, and some dogs may spend thousands of dollars to go to a regular pet hospital for treatment.
    The dogs have skin diseases. First of all, you advise you not to use the medicine privately, let alone a skin ointment for the dog. Go directly to the pet hospital for scraping, the scrape is not expensive, dozens of dollars, the skin disease that is directly caused by the diagnosis, the right medicine will not take the detours. It may be much cheaper.

    The skin diseases commonly in dogs
    1. fungal: Generally round small block, clear boundary from normal skin. Generally, it will be accompanied by dandruff, hair removal, and crusting. Antibacterial drugs are generally used with a treatment cycle of 7-15 days. The more common Ming Ruining spray can be improved in about one or two weeks.
    2. Eczema: The erythema and small rashes that are prone to spread are usually caused by the hair or dry hair.
    3, bacterial infection: Usually the skin wound is caught after the onset, which can cause purulent disease in severe cases. Anti -inflammatory treatment.
    4 mites: small red pimples, severe itching, mostly in places with sparse hair. You can use Ming Ruining to remove mite paste to solve the problem, and the effect is also very good.
    5, fleas: Usually small and black granular insects, which can be used to remove and kill the parasites with external insect repellent.
    6, allergies: For recurrent skin diseases that cannot be cured by old treatment, consider whether it is caused by allergies. It may be necessary to check the allergens and replace the low -sensitivityless dog food.
    S selection of medication according to the results of the scrape. Do not stop the medicine when you see a better condition. The skin disease is easy to recur. Generally, anti-inflammatory antifungal drugs are treated for 1-2 weeks.
    The above is the entire content of the treatment of dog skin diseases, hoping to help you shovel officers. Do not use the medication by yourself, so as not to delay your illness. It is not possible to ask the online pet doctor first, and then use the medicine according to their recommendation.

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