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  1. As long as it feeds its cat and cat food (royal cat food) on time, pay attention to keeping it with enough exercise to grow quickly. In fact, I think cats were the cutest when they were young.
    In the kittens look good, you must first feed well. The food of the kitten must contain sufficient protein, fat, vitamins and other minerals, and these nutrients should be paired in a certain proportion. During the growth period, the kitten has some special requirements for food, and the energy required per kilogram of weight is 4 times that of adult cats. They need more protein than adult cats, and they must contain a variety of amino acids. They also need an appropriate amount of vitamins and minerals to ensure the healthy growth of teeth and bones. Because the kitten's requirements for nutrition and energy are far higher than that of adult cats, and the gastric capacity is relatively small, it should eat less meals. In order to ensure that the kitten gets enough nutrition, their ideal food should be high -nutritional foods that are easy to digest and delicious. The big meals you make may not be able to meet all these needs at the same time. Therefore, the "lazy" method is to feed cat food. The nutritional diet designed by professionals is more scientific than your homemade.
    If you find that the original diet of the kitten is not reasonable, then you should first understand the dietary habits of its original owner's house, and then when it adapts to your environment Kitten diet. Feeding cats should not be too casual, it should be as regular as possible. The kitten who has just weaned should be fed 4 to 5 times a day. When it grows to 6 months and the weight has reached 34 of adult cats, the number of feeding times can be gradually reduced to twice a day. Cats generally do not eat excessive amounts of food, so it will be fed as much as it needs. The feeding time should generally be controlled at 20 to 30 minutes. The remaining food should not be left in the cat's food plate and should be cleared in time. The male cats eat more and grow faster than the female cat, and the weight of adulthood is heavier than the female cat.
    In kittens can gradually feed adult cat foods when it grows up to 8 to 9 months. This transition process is best for a week. You can gradually increase the proportion of adult cat foods in the food of the kitten, and eventually make the cat fully adapted to the food of adult cats. When the kitten grows up, it will occasionally go out to hunt. If it is not sick, but the amount of food at home is reduced, and there are eighty -nine harvesting outside, which shows that your cat has grown up into a "person".

  2. The kitten you just bought, you should ask what it has milk powder, and you should not use cat food, because it is still a kitten, feeds it twice a day, and feeds in the morning and evening. Take a shower twice on the week. When you take a bath, you should pay attention to the temperature of the water and the changes in the weather. After the washing, you can use a hair dryer to blow it dry, do not let it catch a cold.
    This cats have gone through two periods of growth. The first period is a very fast growth period, followed by the sexual maturity period. During these two periods, there are appropriate nutrition to make the kitten grow into a healthy and strong cat.
    The rapid growth period: February to June age
    The kitten cat enters the rapid growth period after weaning, and the rapid growth period continues until June of the kittens reaches June. During this time, the kitten needs high -quality foods with high nutrition and high protein and calories at the same time, and supply various nutrients and energy required for rapid growth. Judging from the energy required by the unit's weight, the energy required for the kittens during the rapid growth period is twice the cats; Full amount of food. Therefore, after weaning, the kittens at the age of June must eat at least three meals a day.
    Because the kitten needs a lot of nutrition and thermal energy, the kitten must consume high -quality kitten cats with special formulas. This type of high -quality kitten food is characterized by meat as the main raw material, and it is very easy to digest. It contains a large amount of nutrients and can meet the special nutritional needs of the kitten.
    The rapid maturity period: June to December
    When the kitten has a rapid growth period and reaches a similar cat, there is a different demand for nutrition. After June, cats grow slowly and the amount of activity will be slightly reduced. At this time, the amount of food for each meal is large, so they can reduce the number of daily meals. Although the cat's body is like a cat at this time, it will still grow up. Many cat owners eat different foods for cats when cats reach their sexual maturity; in fact, cats like to eat high -quality dried cat food; at this time, they can add a little nutritious cat canned food to dry cat food to meet them in line with them Different nutritional needs are caused due to slow growth.
    Is when cats reach one year old, they need to change to eat cat foods specially prepared by adult cats; adult cats no longer need a large amount of thermal energy and a lot of nutrients provided by kittens. Remember to follow the same rule when replacing pet food: gradually mixing within 5-7 days.
    During this period of replacement of food feed, special attention should be paid to monitoring the cat's weight, and the feeding amount is adjusted at any time according to the weight of the cat. Most cats eat fixed foods according to the thermal energy required by themselves, so they can be fed by any food. However, if the cats who only move indoors, because of the small amount of activity, the eclipse method may cause excessive problems; therefore, the daily quantitative feeding method can be used to prevent the cat from being fat.
    If food for kittens can cause unnecessary troubles, such as the bad habits that cause them to beg for food or steal food. Feeding the food cooked by the family, or to feed the kitten to feed the kittens, or add nutrients such as vitamins in a completely balanced cat food, which may cause nutritional disorders.

  3. Don't feed the kitten. The 8 -week kitten can live independently, and he can eat cat food by himself.
    It is best not to drink milk for kittens! The ingredients of cat milk and milk are different. Some cats do not have digestive enzymes that can digest milk. Eating milk can cause diarrhea. It is recommended that he only gives him the cat's cat food.
    In addition to cat food, it is recommended to eat some meat foods for kittens a week, but do not measure too much, a few small pieces of nails are OK. If you can chew it, it is even better to feed the kitten, because the kitten's digestive system lacks a kind of enzyme, and this enzyme can be provided by human saliva. This is conducive to the digestion and absorption of the kitten.
    Is for canned cats, it is not recommended to eat Mimi for less than four months. If you must feed, it is recommended to mix rice with a little canned rice before eating them. Because canned cats is a high -energy and high -protein food, just like a big meal that people eat during the Spring Festival. Every time they feed them directly, they may cause indigestion. And carbohydrates like rice rice are good for cat growth.
    It should be noted that eating canned or pure meat when the kitten is less than three months old. It is easy to cause indigestion. Because his digestive organs are very delicate and lack a lot of digestive enzymes, they will be thinner when they are not digested well. They can feed some lactase to regulate his gastrointestinal function (preferably the lactase).
    The kittens still soften the cat food with warm water. Eat less meals, don't eat too greasy foods.

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