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  1. Like children, you need to pay attention to nutrition when you need to laugh, especially dogs from two to six months, growing very fast. At this time, nutritional supplements will lay the foundation for the dog's future physical condition. Of course, some dogs are thin and easy to get sick. Parents want to increase their weights and enhance their physique. This is the same as adding nutrition to puppies. Many parents are blindly obedient. Some people think of feeding all kinds of meat for the first time. In fact, this method is not good. Dogs are eaters. The purpose of raising dogs is to increase weight and strengthen physique. Today I will tell you some feeding experience to promote the development of dogs.
    What to eat quickly r

    If the dog just ended breastfeeding, two or three months old, then we need to take care of it, eat less meals, feed, feed Sheep milk powder, add warm water to feed some puppy food. When the dog is three months old, it is very important to repel deworming regularly. The presence of worms in the body will affect absorption. Only regular deworming can ensure their health.

    The stomach is good enough to recover health. There are many dogs who eat well, but they are still thin. At this time, see if your dog's stomach is not good, no matter how good. It is futile without absorption. You can feed them some regulating gastrointestinal and vitamins to promote absorption.
    In weekdays, pay more attention to adding some vitamins for dogs and feeding some fruits and fruits to meet the dog's needs for other nutrients. Vitamins and cellulose in vegetables and fruits can help nutrition creams play a good role. For example, broccoli, carrots, apples, purple potatoes, cabbage, pear, etc. are a good choice. Pay attention to the reasonable combination of dogs. You can also take fruits as snacks.
    The feeding dogs every day should be quantitative regularly, which is not only good for the stomach, but also healthier. Parents can buy chicken breasts, beef, vegetables and fruits, and make nutrition meals for dogs at home, which is not only nutritious and healthy. Boil the chicken breasts with cold water and cook it again. You can give the dog a snack. Other beef and vegetables and fruits can be cut into pieces to make meatballs. After steaming, they can feed dog food or as snacks.

  2. Dogs eat dog food fast. Choosing high -nutrition dog food can promote dogs to grow up. Balanced dogs not only need dog food, but also the bones of vegetables and other animals to supplement calcium!

  3. If it is long, the nutrition is balanced, eat some vegetables, meat, calcium supplement, and sufficient exercise, exercise can promote bone development and promote the secretion of growth hormone

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