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  1. Boxer dogs (details introduction)
    The good habits of dogs are inseparable from the owner's education. Master, so the owner must be correct for the education method of dogs. Can you fight if the dog is not obedient? This method is very not recommended. This will only make the training effect worse and worse, and even let your dog alienate you.

    It we know that dogs are a very smart and alert animal. They have the most intimate relationship with humans and understand the psychology of human beings. Once the dog is identified, the owner will not change. Even if the owner is fiercely at it, the dog will definitely not change its loyalty and obedience to the owner. Of course, dogs are obedient, but there are also naughty.
    The dog itself also has a strong self -esteem, and it will also be sad when the self -esteem is hurt. If it is beaten by the owner, the psychological damage will be more serious. Generally speaking, it is not advocated to fight dogs. Even in the process of training, when the dog performs poorly, you can punish it without malicious abuse. Of course, in order to reflect the severity of punishment and let pet dogs remember some things better, you can lightly pat your head, but such a beat is definitely not malicious.
    It, we can use the love stick when punishing the dog. It does not hurt to hit the dog on the dog, but it will make some sounds make the dog quiet. It can be said that it is a good educational dog Dog equipment. It is not advisable to fight punishment when you educate dogs, because doing so that dogs will have a fear of yourself, making it more and more difficult to get close to you.

  2. 1. Playing a dog is a taboo for training puppies, which will cause puppy to grow when they grow up.

    2. When training, put the food on his head, above his eyes, the puppy will sit down naturally, and then after she has a sitting action, she immediately sits, and then reward. I know that sitting will eat. Just praise it after you are proficient, no need to reward every time. What is a bit of compulsory sitting ~~~ Every time I train, when the puppy is more hungry, the training must not be eaten at usual, so that he will be interested in training. Such a small puppy can only be 10 minutes at a time at a time. Make sure he is interested.

    3. When you close the cage, you must step by step, open the door, put food in and toys, so that he thinks the cage is an interesting place. After he went in, he praised him to give him. He came out, went in-reward, did not reward, slowly step by step, and finally closed the door. If he called, do not open the door immediately and wait for 5-6 seconds. Then do not use a cage for punishment, and put him in 10 minutes before leaving home. In addition, Labrador's sports dogs should not be closed for too long when the puppy is closed, the longest 2-3 hours, and then come out to release the wind.

    4. When bite things, just like a baby's exploration of the world and put everything in his mouth. He told him to say it firmly when he bite! Then put something that could bite in her mouth, and then she praised him if she played toys. Or let him sit down and divert his attention. Bringing things is a puppy nature, and a group of puppies bite each other. He screamed immediately when he bit the pain, and then walked away.
    5. Bring collar and habit traction as soon as possible. Still progressive.
    6. If you are sure to raise La La La, please make sure you take him to exercise. It is necessary to take at least one hour a day a day. Otherwise Such as biting furniture.

    7. When the puppy traction, you can use Choker Chain, because Dabrado is strong and curious, and see other dogs or birds back to chase, Choker Chain lets him know that he can drag the card. Stopping around the neck, when the sound of stuck when it takes a long time, you won't run around.
    8. Labrador is really smart. The owner should spend more time training. I spent a lot of time in Peaches, but when he grew up, I did n’t teach him a new Trick because he was lazy. In fact, it is very happy to communicate with the owner.

    In I forgot to say it. I bought a click in order to train a puppy. Generally, you watched the refrigerator on TV and took the beer. The specific method is to Warm Up CLICKER first, click, give it to eat, click to eat, the cycle is 20 times, let him establish the connection between the sound and the food of the food, and then train it. So puppy learned quickly! PEACHES learned all the skills now, including SIT, DOWN, SWIN, SWERVE, Leave It, High Five, Go to Bed, I understand to eat, go home ~
    . Essence I'm too lazy. Essence I didn't teach him anymore ~ ​​the most important STAY did not learn. Essence I am super lively when I am 1 year old ~ but love her more and more!

    I resolutely opposed the puppy. You can criticize but cannot use force.
    I am also learning dog training, and everyone improves together.
    8-12 weeks of puppies will go to the toilet every 1 hour during the day, 3-4 hours in the evening, because they are too small to hold, and use urinary pads at home. Patient education should be successful. Half half of the bed, just finished meals, and just put on the urine pad after playing.
    This Labrador's good training is because he is always full.

  3. Labrador is not obedient.

    Abrador is a very good pet dog variety and one of the many dogs currently raised. Under normal circumstances, the Labrador dog is very obedient and well -behaved. After systematic training, it can become an excellent guide dog.
    Whether it is a big dog or a puppy, hitting a dog is a taboo for training dogs, which will cause dogs to have behavioral disorders when they grow up. Treating disobedient dogs can be criticized, but not force.
    If you want to make Labrador obedient, you must train from an early age.
    First of all, parents should conduct scientific guidance and tuning whether they are diet, behavior, consciousness, or activities. Secondly, parents should establish the status and momentum of the owner in Labrador's mind. In daily life, the obedience of dogs should be cultivated. If the Labrador dog is not obedient, it must not be able tolerate as a parent. When rabara is naughty, it should be scolded to punish it. Of course, the obedient Lala should also be rewarded and praised.
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