2 thoughts on “Which pet dog is so good or bad, and his temper is good”

  1. Dogs who are good, do not like, and have good temper, you can choose Labrador.
    The loyalty of Labrador is often used for guide dogs and working dogs. And Labrador is very good.
    It is a dog with a very suitable way of raising. Compared with the glass stomach of dogs such as Husky, their vitality is very strong, and there is no high requirements for the living environment.
    It's care, Labrador itself does not picky eaters, you can easily feed them, except for eating a little fruits and vegetables, there are not many Champions League dog foods every day, let alone, let alone, no, not Need to go to beauty, and it is convenient to comb in a short hair.
    It in the perspective of daily feeding, Labrador should be regarded as one of the best dog breeds. Basically It is very good for digestion. Its physical fitness is still quite good. You can easily raise a healthy dog.

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