What should I do if the puppy land Bao Tian?

There was no such problem a few days ago. A few days ago, I suddenly found that both puppies were covered with the sky, and a teeth were nearly 1cm. How to do?

5 thoughts on “What should I do if the puppy land Bao Tian?”

  1. The ground bag is caused by genetic genes. The main symptoms are the abnormalities of the upper and lower teeth in the near -distance relationship of the upper and lower teeth.
    It only two solutions:
    1. Dogs will fall off when the dogs change to teeth. At this time, the dog should be bite often to make its maxillary teeth fully developed, which is naturally corrected.
    2. In a childhood, I went to a pet hospital for surgical correction.

  2. It's okay, my dog ​​is a severe ground bag, and when I put on my mouth, I hold the cards below. It does not feel uncomfortable itself, it does not affect eating, it doesn't matter.

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