1 thought on “How to reduce the stealing rate and how to protect your dog?”

  1. With the gradual increase in the population of our country, more and more people in my country choose to raise some pets to pass their boring time to fill their empty minds. Dogs are the most loyal friends of human beings, so many people choose to feed a pet dog Come and listen, when your friends, these pet dogs have become part of people's lives, but there will always be some bad people who raising dogs, and they will steal these dogs and sell them. The interests of the benefits have made some dog lovers very heartache. Of course, these stealing dog thieves have also been condemned by everyone. I summarized the following points about how to reduce the dogs who stole dogs to protect their own. One:
    . Training dogs that do not eat strangers in this world are constantly evolving, and dogs are the same. How to reduce the stealing rate, I think everyone should train their pet dogs to prevent dogs from eating things given by strangers, so that they can protect their dogs.
    . When walking the dog, the rope is increasingly rampant. These stealing dog thieves will take the pet dog directly when people don't pay attention, but if you walk the dog when you walk the dog, let the stealing dog steal the dog. The thief can not be able to take it. This protects its own dogs and a treaty of civilized dog walking. Therefore, when you go out to walk the dog, you must bor it with ropes. You must always pay attention to your own dogs to prevent being stolen.
    . It is very hateful to avoid the dog running out to play. Although the dog is stolen, it is inseparable from yourself. First of all, you must do it to avoid your dog running out. However, I don't know that most of the dog thieves use this vulnerability to steal the dog away, so to avoid the dogs from running out to play, they can more effectively protect their dogs.
    The readers, the above is my personal opinion on this issue. What do you think can leave a message in the comment area and tell me.

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