What small pets are good and cheap, I am a student party, because I am too lonely, I want to raise a small pet.

5 thoughts on “What small pets are good and cheap, I am a student party, because I am too lonely, I want to raise a small pet.”

  1. Turtle hamster Rabbit Golden Fish Dogs
    The cheap and easy -to -raise pet
    1, snail
    The randomness of breeding: more than once a day, remember to feed once a month. When the environment is extremely harsh, it will shrink to the deep part of the snail shell by itself and retreat. The fun that other species cannot give you: If you are not afraid of adopting a lot of small snails, you can try to buy both ends to raise together. Snails and male and female, two discuss who is a father and who is a mother, and then congratulate you as your grandfather. The cost of breeding is low: raising snails, do not worry about everything, go to the seafood market to have one with the boss. When you make vegetables, leave a cucumber tail for it. R n The benefits of nourishing turtles are great. First of all, turtles are not easy to get along with people like cats and dogs. Thoughtfulness, even if the family travels for a few months, do not have to worry about the turtles starved to death; third, the turtle has a docile temperament, and it is suitable for all ages and strata.
    3, Goldfish
    It, you need not say it. Many families raising goldfish, which is suitable for office workers and is suitable for lazy people. Look at the pictures, do n’t you think it ’s colorful and beautiful
    4, hedgehog
    , more and more people like to raise some special small animals, and small hedgehogs are one of them. As long as you master the breeding method, you can also raise a healthy and cute little hedgehog. Habits: Stupid and frightened, static and quiet, and you are afraid of light. Feeding: It is best to choose a quieter and less human interference in family feeding. For example, on the balcony, use a wooden box to build a nest for hedgehogs and spread dry grass or cotton. Outside the nest, use some stones and stakes as a rockery to make it as close to the wild environment as possible. Hedgehogs are fed well in the evening, and meat, food and vegetables are matched proportionally. Metronus, snails, earthworms, etc. can also
    5, hamster chinchillas
    Totoro is also a hot pet. It is recommended to raise a pair of hamsters, because I have raised hamsters before, and decided that this is very suitable for office workers to raise. My Neighbor Totoro is good and cheap, because Hayao Miyazaki's movie is too famous, and its stage name will become My Neighbor Totoro. If it is a mouse, people are not happy. A nyw ay, this may be a cat -like non -cat, rat non -mouse's cute pet is much cute. As one of the most popular tide pets nowadays, it is even better than cats and dogs. But because it looks too cute, don't give it too much snacks, its stomach is very fragile.
    6, pet rabbit
    usually the rabbit we call refers to the Chinese white rabbit. There are many varieties of rabbits. According to the statistics of the American Rabbit Breeding Association (ARBA), there are about 45 purebred rabbits in the world. The subdivision can be divided into three categories, that is, rabbits, hairs and rabbits and Pet rabbit. The color of the rabbit's eyes is related to their fur color. The eyes of the black rabbit are black, the eyes of the gray rabbit are gray, and the eyes of the white rabbit are transparent.
    7, pet cat
    cats are high -cold animals, and they love cleanly, not as sticky as dogs.
    8, pet mink
    The most popular pets at the moment are raised by rich people. Pet minks are divided into two types: Angelu and Marxer, both of which are carnivorous animals and Itachi family. They have slender body and are similar to their cats. The male marten is about 40 cm long, weighs 0.8-2 kilograms, and the mother marten 35 is 35 long. Centimeter, weighing 0.5-1.5 kg. The life span is between 8 and 12 years. It belongs to a polar animal, which is more cold -resistant, but there is no sweat glands and poor heat resistance. At present, common pet minks are mainly introduced by Ango Lubin from Denmark, as well as Marxel pet marten from the United States.
    9, small dogs
    , such as the tea cup dog Chihua doll, the dog, etc., dogs are the best friends of human beings, but dog breeding requires the owner to accompany them more.
    10, pet spider
    Why do you have to raise spiders? The requirements for living diet are much simpler, neither hair loss nor noisy. Red rose has a low requirements for the environment, strong adaptability, docile temperament, simple feeding, and seductive body color. It is one of the most popular pet spiders.

  2. Do parents agree? Let a pet to be good to her for a lifetime. If parents agree, turtles, squirrels, fish, birds, these are all possible. Parents are more supportive, rabbits, hamsters, cats, dogs are all possible, hamsters are stinky. Parents may not be able to stand it. The taste is not big, but after a long time, there will still be a strange smell at home. Rabbit, it tastes a bit, and it is particularly easy to die. It is really easy to die. Parents are easy to raise to death if they do not help. Cats and dogs are more human. It's just that if you choose a variety of cats and dogs with stable personality, the price will be more expensive. Generally, there are thousands of people who are not sick. They are a little bit ill. The cost of sterilization vaccine in the later period is also very expensive. Some parents may think they waste money. If they are willing to feed scientifically, they adopt a cat puppy. It will be more interesting than rabbit turtles. Still depending on parents and yourself. In general, birds, turtles are good choices. Rabbit and birds are slightly more expensive, about 100 yuan to 200 yuan, the turtle hamsters are about 20 yuan, and the little turtle seedlings seem to be five dollars.

  3. It is best to raise a turtle, and the little turtle I raised has not been fed much. It is estimated that it is mosquito or something. It is much bigger.

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