1 thought on “What is the situation of small soil dogs bending?”

  1. 狗狗的脚有弯曲的情况出现,之前是没有这种情况出现的,这可能是狗狗的钙质不足导致的,当狗狗的钙质不足的时候,可能会出现腿软、腿无力和If the legs are bent, if the other is not good, it may also cause the dog's legs to bend. In short, the pet owner still needs to find out the reasons that cause the dog's legs in time, and then take corresponding measures to solve it.
    If the dog's legs are not only bending, but also affecting normal walking. If it is caused by calcium deficiency, it is necessary to supplement the dog in time. You can feed some foods rich in calcium to feed, such as shrimp skin, tofu, beef, etc. This is to pay attention to daily feeding. Do not only feed a single dog food. You also need to prepare Wang Li for feeding, which can be mixed in food for feeding.
    If the dog cannot walk, you need to take the pet hospital for injections to supplement calcium supplement in time, and then add Wangli to feed in daily feeding.
    If the dog's legs are injured, it may also cause legs to bend and not walk normally, especially if there is a problem with a single leg, the dog owner can check the dog's legs first. If you have wounds, you should deal with it in time. First trim the hair around the wound, then prepare iodophor, pet speed, etc. to process it. At the wound, of course, if the wound is relatively serious, take it to the pet hospital for treatment in time.
    If the dog's joints are not good, the legs may also bend. This is a joint problem. If you pay attention to observation, you may also find that the dog will have problems such as clamoring, limb stiffness, etc. Wait, this is a problem that cannot be ignored. It is recommended to take a pet hospital for inspection and processing in time.

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