3 thoughts on “Where can I buy pets in Lijiang, Yunnan?”

  1. In the Zhaoqing Market, there is a pet shop next to the Zhonglou of Shangri Avenue. There is a pet hospital to sell pets on the east of the east of the east. There is also a pet shop behind Dachanglon. Another is that many dog ​​owners will take out the dogs themselves, and you can go to the same city to find it. Or see which dog likes, book with the inn owner in advance. If the variety is not good, it is estimated that you will not ask for money, but if you want to be pure, you may be a little expensive.

  2. There are both Zhaoqing Market and Fuhui Market. Zhaoqing Market is at the intersection of three villages, and the Fuhui Market is at the intersection of Fuhui Road and Shangri Avenue.

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