Can you take the dog's pet bag and take the train security?

I want to bring it back to Xuzhou in Zhenjiang, I will put the bag on the security inspection directly, and I will find out that there are dogs inside?

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  1. Pet dogs cannot pass security checks.
    If according to Article 52 of the "Railway Passenger Transport Regulations", the following items shall not be brought into the car:
    1. The prescribed chemical products that cannot be determined by the specified dangerous goods, ammunition and carrier;
    3, animals and items that hinder public hygiene (including odor and other odors);
    4, items that can damage or pollute vehicles;
    5, specifications or weights exceeding the items specified in Article 51 of this regulation.
    The expansion information
    "Railway Passenger Transport Regulations" stipulates:
    It 53 Passengers' violation of regulations handles items in accordance with the following regulations:
    2. In the car or down the station, for the items that exceed the free weight, the overweight part should be collected for four types of parcel shipping costs. For non -split -out of overweight, oversized items, animals, all the weights are collected on the four types of parcel shipping costs from the station to the down station.
    3, discovering dangerous goods or the state prohibited and restricted the transportation of transportation, items that hinder public hygiene, and items that damage or pollute the vehicles are doubled according to the entire weight of this piece. Dangerous items are handled before the parking station, and it is transferred to the public security department if necessary. Dangerous goods that are necessary to destroy on the spot should be destroyed on the spot, so that it cannot be harmful and shall not be liable for any compensation. When confiscating dangerous goods, a written certificate shall be issued to the confiscated person.
    4. If the value of the passenger overweight and the large value is lower than the freight, it can be received at 50%of the value of the item.
    5. When the freight is replenished, it shall not exceed the departure and end of the train.
    Reference materials Source: Baidu Encyclopedia -Railway passenger transportation regulations

  2. If you do n’t, you need to pass the security check -in by the train to pass the security check. If there is something in it, the security inspection staff can see it, and there is a session of the test (that is, the one who takes up and go up and down the test device. kind). If you really want to bring pets, you can choose to consignment. These steps are required:
    1: To the pet hospital that can be proved, a certificate is proved to prove that your dog has vaccinated. Pet hospitals will give you a set of vaccines for the dogs at them, and then give you a certificate.
    2: Go to the train station consignment office and ask, where is the animal quarantine center designated by the railway, where to go there, hand over the certificate given by the pet hospital. Quarantine certificate.
    3: Make a pet for a pet, go to the consignment place 2 hours before the train driving, and call the pet and cage together. The consignment office will give you related bills.
    Then you can wait. When the shipping office is loaded into the car, you will be on the train with the dog and take the dog to the train. Dogs are arranged in the car box.

  3. It must not work, everything in each luggage bag can be seen without opening the bag, but I have a way to bring the dog in the car to get on the car

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