1 thought on “How to take a bath in the beauty method of pet dogs in the snowy days”

  1. 1. First, check the soles of the foot, and repair it regularly to ensure that the foot pads are completely exposed. If the soles of the feet are too long, it will be easily frozen and slipped, causing danger and accidental damage.

    2. Second, often combing fur so that the hair is in a smooth and fluffy state at any time, so as if it is a new quilt, it can keep warm. Ensure the health of the skin.

    3. Third, then you can go to the pet beauty salon to do a essential oil nourishing SPA after playing crazy. It can make dogs relax and regulate endocrine like a hot spring.

    4. If the fur of the dog is cut short, or short hair dogs, you still need to pay attention to the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor. If you ca n’t take a bath after the dog is playing, you do n’t have to worry. You can prepare a bottle of bath -free bath or dry water. You can wipe it all over the body after playing. Remember to dry the dog's feet or blow dry after cleaning.

    5. Before bathing the dog, first comb the dog's hair. In the process of sorting out, check if the dog is injured, whether there is skin diseases, etc. Through the dust and Mao Qingli that shed it. In daily hair care, pay attention to balanced diet. Food can choose natural dog food with rich nutrition and deep -sea fish oil, which helps the hair smooth and shiny. Not too uncomfortable.

    6. After the hair is combed, it is to squeeze the anal glands for the dog. If the anal glands are squeezed not long ago, this step can be omitted. Generally, it is squeezed by about 3-4 times a year. It is related to the usual diet and exercise, and the nutritional unevenness and less exercise of the meat can be squeezed frequently. The method of squeezing the anal glands: bring a good glove, pick up the tail of the pet dog, see the anus, and then find the position of the anus at 4 and 8 o'clock, from light to heavy press, until it is squeezed, it is enough Essence

    7. After the anal glands are cleaned up, they need to be washed. In order to avoid the sound of the sudden water flushing scared the dog, it should be noted that the water temperature should be at 36 ~ 38 degrees Celsius. If it is too hot, it will burn the dog's skin, and then let the dog adapt to the water temperature, then from the feet and body to the head in order to wet the whole body, pay attention to prevent the dog's eyes and ear water.

    8. After the whole body is humus, you can apply a shower gel for the dog. Remember to use a dog -specific shower gel, and the shower gel is diluted in your own hands before applying it evenly The dog's whole body, and then scratch it lightly, then wash it there in dirty there. Remember to rinse the whole body after washing. n 9、冲洗干净后就要马上帮狗狗用毛巾擦干水份,这样可以减少吹干的时间,然后再用吹风机把毛发吹干,给狗狗洗过澡的家长应该都知道,狗Dogs are very afraid of the sound of the hair dryer, so the pet owner can first reward the dog's delicious snacks (chicken jerky, sheep cheese) to bite the dog's attention to it, so that it will be much easier to blow, the time will be shorter, and the time will be short. In some, you can make great achievements when you blow dry, and it is beautiful ~

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