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  1. Dog's insect repellent can be carried out on a regular basis. Dogs 6 months ago can be driven once a month, and dogs can be driven every 3 months after 6 months, and adult dogs can be once half a year. However, during the interval period, if the dog has worms, it also needs to be insect -driven, and the two intervals are at least 15 days, so as not to have thin body, poor camps, and thinning.
    It should be checked first to drive the dog. The malnutrition and sick dog cannot be deworming, and the dogs during pregnancy and breastfeeding cannot be performed. The dogs who are vaccinated have to wait a week before they can do it. After there is no problem with the body, you can prepare some feeding meow Wang Qingyong to help the dog reduce the troubles caused by insects. Stop eating for three hours before feeding, and we must also be optimistic about the instructions to avoid excessive or insufficient caused the dog's physical problems.

    The situation of the dog after feeding. If there is dilute, you can feed some warm water and Wang Yi system to help reduce the problem of dilute dilution. Dog's feces may have some white things or worms for two days after deworming, so don't worry about this.

  2. How long does it take for dogs to repel
    Mostly insect-repellent products usually use it once a month, because the shortest life cycle of many parasites is less than one month. For example, the life cycle of rescue mite is about 10-12 God, the average life cycle of fleas is 3-4 weeks average. Once deworming cannot be done once and for all. If you want to prevent long -term prevention, it is recommended that the frequency of daily deworming is once a month.
    How long time the dog's insect repellent is suitable
    It if pets may be eaten or prey on other small animals during the event of pets, then the risk of infection with parasites is relatively high. At this time Don't take it lightly.
    For dogs and cats with severe infection, they also need to be treated under the guidance of a doctor, and the frequency of medication needs to be used to follow the doctor's advice.
    The summary, daily prevention is recommended once a month deworming. If the parasite has been infected and the problem is serious, the frequency of insect repellent is adjusted according to the doctor's order.

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer Hello, I am a pet doctor Liu Yuqian. Clinical experience is 6 years. The veterinarian qualification certificate number is requested to describe the pet age, variety, deworming, and sterilization of pets in detail. And the problems encountered. Reminder: On Baidu's communication as a rolling wheel, you can only send 6 times on your side. Please describe the situation you want to know in detail every time you speak, and pay attention to the number of times to avoid helping you solve the problem.nDog deworming is generally done once, and dogs are deworming in dogs within six months. They do it once a month, and the dogs are deworming once every six months. However, it is recommended to refer to the instructions for the use of insect repellent in the time of deworming cycle. For example, Bei Weido belongs to oral deworming medicine, but its efficacy time is three months.

  4. The effect of insect repellent in the body is 100 % in the gastrointestinal and intestines! The offspring of 24 hours is about 80 %! There are also about 20 minutes to enter the decreased blood type of continuous effect of about 7 days! Whether you change the medicine or continue to use the same type of medicine, you usually have to be 7-10 days! (For dogs, generally use Bayer Stecorbot Steel Sausal Clear)

    The some drugs are the drug instructions for the drug peak to maintain the peak of the medicine for several days! Don't use it randomly!

    Generally, any drug (including insect repellent) puppies should not be used during the vaccine for about 30 days. One bug

    does not only do insect deworming

    The in vitro deworming ---
    This diseases are infected with in vitro parasites, which can be infected with more people and livestock.
    Generally, Flaen is petting (personal suggestion is to fight 20). These are drops! After dripping the drugs into several parts, it will enter the blood action to kill the in vitro parasites and prevent being infected again (preventing the validity period of 2-3 months)

    The cheaper side effects and more sideline elixir (also have the effect of killing for about 3 months to prevent infection again-pay attention to the amount of water). River pot to disinfect the environment after water-can be able to drive the parasite ...

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