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  1. Storing food is the instinct of animals. Dogs store food to not starve when food is scarce, but many pet dogs have given up this instinct because of sufficient food, but some dogs will still adhere to the principle. Be sure to be sure Hide the food, and it is particularly obvious that the stray dogs picked up. You can give them abandoning this habit by educating pet dogs.
    First of all, you have to give him sufficient food so that he has no feeling of hunger. In the case of sufficient food, they generally don’t choose to hide the food, unless it is particularly delicious. Will be kept. Many people have a high limit on the amount of food in order to keep the pet dog's reminder, which will stimulate the nature of the pet dog and start to want to store some means to store food. The food control of pet dogs must be set for his actual needs, so that he will not eat too much, but don't be too hungry.
    Secondly, you have to monitor the dog's food. After he finished eating, put away the remaining food in time without giving him the opportunity to hide food. If your dog has no habit of eating, then there is no need to care. Many people often travel around, or have no time to take care of at work. It will leave a lot of dog food to let the dog eat it by themselves. In this case, it is difficult to control the frequency of dog eating, but if there are more foods left, dogs will not hide their private.
    again, you need to clean up the corner of the room often, find out the dogs hidden in the dog, and deal with it. If the broken one is broken, put it back in his dog bowl without bad. This can reduce your desire to hide your dogs, and it is to prevent these foods from rotting in the corners, causing the indoor odor to deteriorate. The place where the dogs are eating are basically changed after you have been turned over a few times, and it will be done if he can hide it.
    The dogs that have been raised for a long time at home generally do not have the habit of hiding food. It is normal in the early stage. This is normal. If this phenomenon continues for a long time, it means that your dog Dogs don't trust you, always worrying that you will not give him. There are also some dogs because there are psychological problems, just like people's obsessive -compulsive disorder. You can't help but let him be willful for such a dog, but it is not easy to feed dog food as much as possible. It is more convenient to rot.
    Human people actually have this instinct. If the refrigerator in the house is empty, it will be very insecure. Even if you can't finish it, you must get a lot of food to store it. Basically there are such instincts, which can be changed the day after tomorrow.

  2. What about my dog? When I was young, I would not get East Tibet. Because whenever I put it in front of it, it ate it directly, but as the boy gets older, he is more and more old. Sometimes you When you eat it, he will hide the food and hide it in a place you can't see at all. When you don't give him something, he is turning out things and taste it carefully. Every time I find that he has this personality habit, I will be particularly curious. What is the reason?
    In I guess it deliberately. Can you say that this may be related to the wolf? Everyone knows that dogs such as dogs are converted from animals like these wolves, but after being domesticated by humans, they have been domesticated and domesticated for a long time. Their character has slowly become docile and become our pet. But at the beginning, they couldn't guarantee that they could eat every meal, and they could be several meals a day. The one they lived every day was basically hungry. I won't let myself eat particularly full. I will take Dongzang some, and I will eat it when I am hungry.
    This, this habit is not possible, what about the blood hidden in the blood of these dogs? After all, we are not particularly clear so far, and we cannot explain this thing in a scientific language. It can only be speculated and considered. Because of this, this habit is basically related to how his ancestors survived for a long time in a harsh living environment.
    , but then I thought about it again, and after asking the dog's dog. Other people's dogs won't make East Tibet? Why do my dog ​​know? Later, I asked my mother this matter. My mother had been playing with me, saying that it must be how the boy stolen. But my dad told me the truth. Every time my dad gave it some food, my mother said that this could not be fed, that could not be fed, and the people pulled out things from the mouth. The ducks have already flew, what does it feel like in my heart, right? Not to mention the dog.
    This dogs are even more affectionate. I have already reached my mouth. You pour me the meat and tell me that you can’t eat it. If you want to save a little more, wait for me to save enough, I am eating slowly. After a long time, I slowly developed a personality like my dog. At that time, when I heard this reason, I was really angry and funny. This is really used to you.

  3. The ancestor of the dog is a wolf. This is his nature, as well as food care, peeing, etc. Essence Essence Essence But it looks cute o (∩_∩) O ~

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