It is better to buy a pet dog in Chenzhou?

It is better to buy a dog there. I heard that there are many sick dogs

1 thought on “It is better to buy a pet dog in Chenzhou?”

  1. Buying a dog in Luzhou, you can add the dog group of Luzhou
    This dogs who are raised in it
    but do not go to the dog market
    and there is a well -known shop in Chenzhou
    The pet shop called happy pets after 88 Beihu Park
    Then in the group, 15 people bought sick dogs there. It was died in a week.
    mades spent a lot of money to cure. But more than you buy a dog. It is impossible to find him to retreat.
    Is that can be signed in Changsha as long as the dog finds a sick seller within 7 days, or the dog changes the dog
    and some dogs buying dogs. 10 days in the store to observe the state of the dog
    Dog traffickers are nothing to say.
    The also buy some fine dog plague test paper to check on the spot, but this can be fake. Dog traffickers
    Is to sell your sick dogs will give the dog a serum in advance. This test will not be tested.
    The experience of buying dogs myself, I hope it will be helpful to you

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