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  1. What pets are good in the bedroom
    What pets in the bedroom, many students will choose to raise animals in their own dormitories, but pets in the dormitory need to raise some people who cannot disturb others to rest and raise them. Animals that are susceptible to illness, so what pets are good in the bedroom?
    What pets in the bedroom 1 1. Pets suitable for small pets suitable for dormitory to raise are small and will not cause trouble to others.
    2. Cats and dogs with small body types (accompanied pets, strong interactivity), fish (convenient breeding, weak interaction), roding (such as hamsters, chinatoplastics, Dutch pigs, rabbits, etc. Strong, easy to clean up, no noise), turtle (quiet).
    The pets suitable for dormitory are: My Neighbor Totoro, Dutch pigs, weep -eared rabbits, hamsters, hedgehogs, and golden flowers.
    1. My Neighbor Totoro is not a cat but a hamster. I think this is a better dormitory pet compared to dogs. But there is one more important thing. If there is no air conditioner in the dormitory, the thick hair of My Neighbor Totoro will cause it to die.
    Totoro is very docile, lively, likes to jump around, active, curious, and not have any active attack. Totoro is a plateau animal and is not easy to get sick. Totoro will take a bath by himself, and you can spend the weekend yourself without worrying about taking care. My Neighbor Totoro's hair is very soft and does not remove hair like dogs and cats.
    2. Dutch pigs: also known as guinea pigs and guinea pigs. They are one of the very popular pet mice. It is also particularly convenient to raise. Dutch pigs cannot eat onions, onions, garlic, leek, ginger, chocolate, coffee.
    It the bottom of the cage is best to change the newspaper or pet carpet. Skywood is not good for Dutch pig's respiratory organs, it is best not to use it. In addition, Dutch pigs are afraid of cold or hot, so keep warm. Dose -order newspapers and toilet paper 🙂 Put the Dutch pigs out of cages every day, otherwise it will be boring.
    3. Moving ears rabbits: The weep -ear rabbit was discovered in the 1970s. This kind of rabbit has a variety of varieties. It is named after the drooping of the ears and is also an easy -to -breed pet. Rabbit is a night -walking animal for herbivorous morning fuse, and is used to eating in the morning and evening. Rabbit has the habit of chewing and excavation. It must provide grinding items for rabbits, and be careful not to let the rabbit go to the wires and bite furniture.

    4. Hamsters: Hamsters are forbidden to feed people's food. Excessive salt and excessive seasoning will increase the burden on the mouse. It is forbidden to directly contact the sun. The rats are very afraid of heat. Summer is here. Please use heat sinks or marble to cool down the heat. If unnecessary, wash the mouse body.
    Ifinable preparation or economic ability, do not raise the mother and mouse cage, the rats are very impressive. It is forbidden to use unknown feed, insects or mildew, please discard, do not feed. It is forbidden to use newspapers, noodle paper, etc. as cushions. There are too many newspaper ink, and the noodle paper contains bleach.
    5. Hedgehog: Hedgehogs are more and more popular. The hedgehog is very timid, not as good as cats and dogs. Therefore, when raising hedgehogs, there is no need to take hedgehogs to take a walk. Just build a small nest for the hedgehog at home, and it can be covered with dried grass and leaves.
    This hedgehog is best during the day, do not disturb its rest, at night, you can tease it. Remember, because the hedgehog does not come out during the day, you do n’t eat food, come out at night, so at night, prepare some food for the hedgehog.

    6. Golden squirrel: Golden Flower Squirrel is a small squirrel with a few vertical patterns on the back. Now it is also a pet that many people are raising. Squirrels are omnivorous animals and can be eaten almost everything, but the staple food is various nuts. Water squirrels can not drink water. If you want to drink, remember to boil water.
    The favorite green vegetables, remember that green vegetables must be rinsed and dried in the wind. Although the food and squirrels that are not eaten are omnivorous animals, there are still things that cannot be eaten. If you accidentally eat it, you can diarrhea and lose your life.
    What are the pets in the bedroom? What are the good animals in the bedroom?
    First of all, the first thing we want to say is flower branches and rats. This kind of animal is very easy to feed, and it is very smart. This kind of flower branches can be eaten everything. There are no problems with those vegetables and fruits, and this kind of flower branches are not night -line animals, and they are the same as humans. It will not make trouble at night, affecting our sleep.
    The pets we want to say are musk turtles. Although this kind of turtle is more timid, it is still very fierce. This animal has no requirements for water quality. The type of type
    This can live proudly with the same type of turtle. However, this kind of animal has some fierce people who will attack the people who want to catch it, but compared to other turtles, it is not worse than other turtles. Turtles are such a personality. And this kind of turtle is very easy to raise, even novices can raise well.

    The third kind of guinea pig. You must know that this kind of thing is also called Dutch pigs. I believe many people know it. This animal is very docile and easy to raise. There are not many guinea pigs, and sometimes they can give them some snacks like cucumber tomatoes.
    The fourth kind of good raising is the golden bears. This animal is a kind of hamster, because compared to normal hamsters, it is more like a narrow bear, and the current name. The character of this animal is very good, but it may be because of the bear. Golden bears are a kind of larger body, but the feel is really good.
    The fifth type we want to say is kissing fish. If you want fish to raise fish, you can choose this type. This kind of fish is similar to Qing Daofu, all of which are moss in the fish tank, so that the fish tank can be very clean without changing water often.

    The sixth type is parrot. This bird is still a good choice. You need to pay attention to some of them when feeding, because the parrots eat some seeds and other things. When you encounter water, it will start to swell.
    For this reason, do not give too much at a time when putting food, but put it multiple times. Of course, if you do n’t have time to feed, then you still feed more to prevent you from feeding too little, and the parrot is starved to death.
    The seventh type we want to say is hedgehog. This animal adapts to the environment very fast, has no requirements for the environment, and often stays in one place during the day. I usually do n’t need to accompany it, but this animal is very timid, likes a quiet environment, and is afraid of the sun.
    The eighth type is the rural cat. This kind of cat is different from those cats in foreign countries. This kind of cat can eat those things that humans eat. It is also a good raising to give some foods to feed some foods. The variety.
    What pets in the bedroom 3 1. Hamsters. Haoga (scientific name :): It is a subcate in the hamster in biological classification. There are 18 species in a total of 7 species, of which there are 8 types of China, which are commonly known as hamsters. Except for the small hamsters distributed in Central Asia, the cheeks have cheeks
    The food can be temporarily stained in the cave. The eyes are small, the ears are hairy, and the ear shell is revealed. The length of the body is from 50 mm to 340 mm. Temperee animals are the most common in open areas.
    2. Chinese turtle. Chinese turtles are the most widely distributed among Chinese turtles. In the international market, Chinese turtles are very popular. The people of Japan, the Philippines, and European and American countries regard them as a symbol of "auspiciousness, prolonging life".
    3, My Neighbor. Mosice Rat (scientific name: Lanigera Molina): It is a collective name for rodents, Mosice, and Mosice. Short -tail mice are larger, with a body length of 30 to 38cm and a tail length of about 10cm. Generally, female rats weigh 510 ~ 710g, and males weigh 425 to 570g. The first half is like a rabbit, the second half is like a rat, the ears are blunt, and the tail is fluffy. The eyes are bright, and there are many long beards on both sides of the nose. Standard fur fur is blue and gray, the abdomen is gradually lighter to white, and there is a clear white strap in the middle of the abdomen.
    4. Lobster. To many people is a luxury dream. But lobster is another matter. The lobster has a strong vitality, and the price is not very expensive. It is basically convenient to put it in the aquarium, which is very convenient. Move worry.
    5, lying ears rabbit. The weep -ear rabbit was discovered in the 1970s. It was recognized only in the 1980 American Rabbit Breeding Association Exhibition. The ears of this kind of rabbit drooping have short hair, medium hair, and long hair from the appearance, and the face shape is also different.
    A adulthood weight is 2.5kg, with a body length of about 40cm. The size of the individual, hair color, body length, etc. are different from other rabbits. There are many weep -ear rabbits in Europe, and "weeke rabbits" are their general names.

    6. Goldfish. Goldfish is very good. Just use the pipe tube to feed water. Moreover, the goldfish are beautiful and beautiful. They will not make the family chaotic, and they do not need to be matched. Of course, it is best to buy a few to raise them together, so that the goldfish will not be alone.
    The only thing to pay attention to is feeding. You ca n’t feed too much at a time. After all, the goldfish do n’t know how to control it, and many of them are dead.
    7. Dutch pigs. Guinea pig (scientific name: Cavia Porcellus), also known as the guinea pig. The guinea pig is a tailless rodent. The body is compact, short and thick, and the head is short and short. They have small petals -like ears, located on both sides of the head, and have small triangle mouths.
    The limbs are short. As the result of choosing breeding, there are 20 hair color of 20 different phenomenon, and there are 13 different phenotype hair textures and length.
    8, pet mink. Pet mink is very easy to raise. The biggest benefit of mink is not disturbing the people. Only when you are afraid, you will make a sound. When you are happy, you will giggle, but they are all small. As long as you take a bath (once a week), and your ears (once every 2 weeks).
    9,. To raise the 蟋蟀, first prepare the small pot of the pottery, put some humid soil at the bottom of the small can, and flatten the soil. Put the pupa in the small pottery pot, and put only one in each can, not two or three at the same time, so as not to fight. Frequent water and food, you will eat when you are hungry.
    10. Spider. Spiders are very easy to raise. An adult spider can not even eat or drink for a few months, and the spider larvae also have a few weeks to a month of hunger resistance. The breeder does not have to invest much about feeding.
    and don't worry about not taking care of it at all, just take out half an hour to take care of the spider. It is recommended that novices raise red roses to catch bird spiders, which is the most docile spider in the world.

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