2 thoughts on “What is the reason for the joint swelling of the dog?”

  1. There are many reasons for the joint swelling of the dog. The dog owner should first check whether the dog has trauma. If there is no obvious trauma, it may be internal injuries. The dog owner can see if the hind legs of the dog are swollen and take corresponding measures in time.
    1. Check whether there are trauma
    First of all, the dog owner should carefully check the dog's legs. Dogs may be stabbed by some wooden thorns, gravel or broken glass, causing the dog's leg injury to swelling. The dog owner can check the dog's legs. If there is a stabbing object, you need to pull it out, and then bandage the dog to avoid secondary injuries.
    2. Dogs are deficient in calcium
    This because the dog's exercise is very large, especially the naughty dogs, love to play and play. Therefore, if the dog eats a single dog food for a long time and does not have enough calcium intake, similar situations will appear due to calcium deficiency. It is recommended that the dog owner can feed dogs with rich foods such as shrimp skin or kelp. In addition, dog owners can use calcium supplies for dogs such as dogs, which can help dogs return to normal faster.
    3. There is a problem with the joints of the dog
    The dog owner can think about whether his dog often goes up and down the stairs, or the environment of living is more humid. The humid living environment and excessive exercise will wear the dog's joints. Dogs suffering from joint problems may also be a major cause of swollen legs. If it is a joint problem, you can give dogs such as dog joint nutritional products such as fun and fun to see if it can help the dog recover.
    4, the nervous system is destroyed
    This is a more serious reason. The dog owner can think about whether the dog has been vaccinated. If the amount of vaccine is not controlled, it is likely to affect the dog's nervous system. The leg problems caused by this reason are difficult to treat. Dogs may be like this for a lifetime.

  2. It won't be a sloganitis. It is very similar to the symptoms before my golden retriever's first heart. Hey. When I take a bath, I find that there is a bag on the hind legs. It will hurt when walking. Flutitis, the pet doctor gave the three courses of bone -Kang beef ingot cartilantin therapy. After eating the bag, it disappeared, and it was normal to walk. It was not bad to go to the inflammation. The effect was really good!

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