1 thought on “What should I do if the dog does not eat or drink all day?”

  1. . Replacement of food
    Pe some owners to feed some foods for the dogs for a long time, or eat the same dog food every day. It may also be a hunger strike protest. If the dogs are tired of eating food, the owner will timely enrich the dog's food types in time. In addition to dog food, you can also make some special food for the dogs, such as pork, chicken milk, fish, fish, fish, fish, fish, fish, fish, fish, fish, fish, fish, fish, fish , Eggs and other cooking, feed the dogs, or eat some vegetables for the dogs, or cook some broth or Xiaomi soup for the dog. Sometimes it is given to the dog to eat fresh fruits and try to make the food it eats every day to differentiate, which can improve the appetite and appetite of the dog.

    . Eating dietary tablets
    The dogs do not eat or drink all day is very harmful to the body. The prestige to the dog's life, so the owner must interfere immediately. If the dog is still not eaten after changing the food, it is likely that there is a problem with the dog's stomach. The dog's stomach is not good, and natural digestion is not good. If the dog is indigestion, the owner can eat the dogs and want to eliminate the tablets, eat it directly or mix it into the dog food. The owner should pay attention to the amount of dietary tablets for the dog, and if the dog wants to eat in the later period, he cannot give the dog too much, and control the amount of food.

    . Timing deworming
    It dogs do not eat or drink because the abdomen has a cracking head, the intrusion of the cracked head will cause the dog to have no appetite, and even cause the dog Dharma diarrhea. If the owner finds that the dog is nausea and vomiting or a pulled feces, there is a parasitic larvae in the feces, and immediately feed the dog with deworming medicine. It should also be noted that every three months should give dogs and export insects inside and outside the body. In addition, dogs will not eat or drink when they are sick. At this time, the owner should pay attention to the dog's condition. If the dog has other symptoms in addition to refusing food, take the dog to see the dog in time.

    The dogs must not work without eating or drinking all day long. If this situation lasts for several days, the dog may be dead, so the owner must pay more attention. If you have other related questions, you can also consult an online pet doctor.

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