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  1. In recent years, with the improvement of living standards, more and more families have begun to raise various pets, such as cats, dogs, etc., which can not only help reduce loneliness, but also bring a certain sense of happiness and happiness. It can be described as a lot of benefits. But sometimes, because the number of dogs is continuously increasing, many cities have certain requirements for dog breeding. Today I will tell you what problems need to pay attention to in cities? So as not to affect the growth of dogs.
    Is good hukou
    For cities in the crowd, pets, etc. are in dense state, Shangdo is one of the essential procedures for dog breeding. The dog is a black house, and it is easy to be by the relevant department The door to investigate and need to bear the corresponding responsibilities and compensation, which can be described as a negative impact. Therefore, it is recommended that friends who raise dogs first do to consult a certificate. The prices charged in different places are also different. If some are five hundred, some are 800.
    Inned certificates at all times
    In daily life, some people will feel that everything is everything after applying for a certificate for the dogs. If there is no certificate when going out, it may also be punished by relevant departments. Therefore, it is recommended that you pay attention to bring a certificate at the same time, and at the same time do not take it to the places where the dogs are prohibited from entering, so as not to be caught.
    The epidemic prevention work
    The cases of rabies have emerged endlessly. In the final analysis, the dogs and bacteria are breeded because they did not give the dogs well. It is recommended that dog raised people take them to the pet hospital for vaccine after picking up the dog home, such as taking the hexagonal vaccine to prevent fineness, and then do a good job of deworming every month to ensure the overall health and the overall health and safety.
    C lives of residence
    In many times, because the dog breeders do not pay attention to the interior hygiene work, the neighbors around them are stimulated by odor. Make the relationship between the neighborhood. It is recommended that everyone should try to clean the dog's residence every day, clean up the garbage in the indoor corridor in time, and wash the dog once a week to prevent problems from the source.
    This bending paper
    In daily life, many people will let the dog solve the problem of urination during the bend. If you clean up, it is not only a manifestation of low quality, but also affects the surrounding environment. It is recommended that you can put on the paper or plastic bag when you are curved. Once the dog is convenient, you can put it on the pad, and then throw it into the trash can.
    avoid bite
    Most dogs are more lively and active. When facing fresh things, they will come forward to bite because of curiosity, such as equipment in the community, The tires of the car, etc., are not conducive to the health of the dog's teeth, and the second may cause damage to the items of others. It is recommended that you can prepare some grinding toys for dogs, such as tennis, flying tray, etc. to help transfer it. attention.
    Remembering the rope
    The problem of walking dogs without ropes always seems to be talked about, but there are always some people who are not afraid, still let the dog run on the road at will, not only not only It is a manifestation of irresponsible dogs and pose a threat to the security of others. Therefore, it is recommended that you usually pay attention to the bolt of the dogs. It is best not to take the dog to the crowd's dense places, so as not to bite others because of excitement.

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