4 thoughts on “There are dogs and big rabbits in Foshan”

  1. Dali Dog Market ~ Foshan Most Place of Dogs! There are almost any varieties. You take a car to Dali Xindu Station. There is a financial avenue next to it. He keeps walking and walks right. You will see about one 800 meters. Guangdong Provincial Finance School, and there is also the spring pedestrian street in Paris, Dali, just next to the pedestrian street. You will never ask someone to know if you will ask someone casually, but there will be a small dog market in the morning. The price will be compared with inside. The shop is much cheaper, but it is very early. If you drive: Take the National Highway 325 (that is, to the direction of Foshan-Guangzhou) to the red and green light to the right of Dali Xindu. It is about 500 meters from the intersection to the dog market. There is a McDonald's at the pedestrian street, and the dog market is ahead.

  2. Many pets are sold in the Baiyan Market in Chancheng. As for how to go to check the map. Essence Essence I am idiot. Essence Essence

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