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  1. You can check in pet dogs by plane.
    As of May 2020, the law stipulates that passengers should bear all responsibility for small animals shipped. Small animals were injured, lost, delayed, delayed, ill or died, and airlines were not responsible.
    The charge standards for pet dogs are as follows:
    1, pet aviation freight: generally 25 yuan/kg, northeast, northwest and other cities are based on 30 yuan/kg. Due to the often changes in the price of airlines, please call the local branch for the specific price;
    2, certificate agency fee: air transport agency inspection and quarantine certificate, a disinfection certificate total 100 yuan, such as the train consignment requires the production area, quarantine certificate, disinfection, disinfection, disinfection, disinfection, disinfection, A total of 150 yuan;
    3, pick -up costs: charge according to the district far and near, please consult the local branch.
    If the aircraft does not have an aerobic case, you can buy an airbox at your pet shop. Pet shops generally have pets for pets, tens to hundreds of.
    The expansion information:
    This Consignment precautions

    1 Preparation of packaging: need to use special plastic air boxes and special wooden air boxes. Not qualified.
    2. Preparation of quarantine: The Ministry of Express and Airlines will ask you to take pets to quarantine. You should go to the local inspection and inspection animal epidemic station to open a quarantine certificate before transportation.
    3, time preparation: After choosing a flight, you should arrive at the airport at least 4 hours in advance, otherwise you may not be able to keep on board. It is necessary to predict the waiting time and flight time, and prepare sufficient water and food for pets, hot weather, poor ventilation, etc., will cause damage to pets.
    4, after the plane landed, the consignee should hold the shipment as soon as possible. If you do n’t take the opportunity at the same time, you will only let the pets fly alone. After the plane takes off, notify the pick -up order number and flight number and the flight number and take my ID card (the company's introduction letter) to pick up the goods.
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