2 thoughts on “What kind of dogs are Mao Shao's almost no dog?”

  1. All dogs (dogs) are hairy, and no hair dogs have not yet! However, the following varieties can be planned to hairless dogs from narrow senses:
    1, Peruvian Hairless Dog, Height: 25-71cm, weight: 4-25kg, origin: Peru. Peruvian hairless dog is also called Inca hairless dog. It has a small body shape. Except for a little hair on the head, paws and tails, there is almost no hair elsewhere, and the skin is similar to the skin of the elephant.
    2, Mexican hairless dog's pink, wrinkled skin is covered with freckles, and there are places covered with yellow -brown hair on the body. The end of the tail.
    3, Chinese Guanmao Dog (scientific name: Canis Lupus), also known as Chinese hairless dogs, half -haired dogs, Chinese naked dogs, Chinese edible dogs, Royal Dogs, Chinese boat dogs, etc. One of the several hairless dogs.

  2. Sali dog, there was a hairless dog before, the body was larger than the sand dog. It was a stray dog. I rode a bicycle. It followed me to go home. It was about two kilometers. Scared away, or followed me to leave this home

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