2 thoughts on “How to find the dog running”

  1. The dog lost. If the dog cannot find it by itself, you can ask the police to ask for help.

    The wait

    This dog's sense of smell is very sensitive, very and smart, if it is not in a different place, it is likely to go back by itself under normal loss, it is likely to go back by itself. of.

    In the police to seek help

    The certificate for the dog. When you get a hukou, you can try to find a local police to ask for help. You can get some help to find it. Use the monitoring section to find.

    This dog search

    producing dog search for posts, detailed introduction of the dog's appearance, loss of location, etc., say hello to the relevant property management office, reasonably posted dogs for dogs seeking dogs Revelation, you can also post in a nearby pet shop and pet hospital.

    In looking for someone to help

    can ask some people to help, squatting in the nearby flower and bird pet market to see if anyone will sell themselves Pet dog.


    The is more deeply affectionate for your own dogs, so you can pay attention to the inventory of dogs. Tower, this is more beneficial to others and return the dog to the owner.

    Is to take a dog when you go out, do not let the dogs lose.

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