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  1. After the dog has gastroenteritis, the pet owner must be careful to choose a drug that is suitable for your own dogs to treat gastroenteritis, otherwise the dog will make the dog aggravate the condition. Therefore, pet owners can refer to the following measures to help dogs.
    1. Fasting
    This gastroenteritis in the early stage of the treatment of gastroenteritis needs to be fasting for half a day or a day, which can rest quietly with gastrointestinal tract and help the gastrointestinal mucosa slowly repair. Dog food is mainly dry food. If you eat canned food, you should eat less meals, control the amount of food, and ensure that the food is fresh every day. Pay attention to check whether the dog food is deteriorated.
    2, oral antibiotics

    This gastroenteritis can be treated with anti -inflammatory drugs, drugs that repair gastrointestinal function, electrolyte and energy supplements; It affects the dog's body and can feed Changle Pay. Such cats and dogs are dedicated to Newcomine.
    3, strengthen nursing
    After the symptoms are reduced, you can feed some digestible foods, and you can add some Wang Yi system to help maintain the balance of intestinal flora. Long -term incorrect feeding habits will cause the dog's gastrointestinal function to decline, so you need to feed regularly and quantitatively. Do not give the dogs to eat more oil and salt food or deteriorate food, which will stimulate the gastrointestinal and intensive burden.
    4, medical treatment
    If severe gastroenteritis, the dog's persistent vomiting, and even blood wire in vomit, blood wire, blood clots, do not eat or drink It is recommended to take a pet hospital as soon as possible for diagnosis and treatment.

  2. If the dog's gastroenteritis is alternate because of the cold and cold, or if the bath is cold, it can be used to use the monotonous stone scattered, or the probiotic entertainment flora, or adsorb through the carbonate preparation, and the state will quickly return. Gastroenteritis is relatively powerful, so go to the hospital for treatment. Through infusion or injections, it restore its gastrointestinal function.

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer Dogs with acute gastroenteritis, it is recommended to fast for 24 hours. During this period, if you do not vomit, you can feed the dog with 5%of the glucose physiological saline, 1-2 times a day. If vomiting occurs, you need to take your muscles and rehabilitate the stomach, twice a day. Generally, acute gastritis does not need to use antibiotics. If necessary, you can take galcolin and scacomycin for dogs.nAsk the dog vomiting that white liquid is acute gastroenteritis?nAnswer the white viscous liquid that dogs vomit vomit white mucus. This may be the gastric acid secreted by the dog's stomach. In this case, it is necessary to fast the dog for the dogs, and then give the dog satellite TV.nFor dogs, if the thing spit out is vain, it feels sticky, or like the cream -like creamy cream when drinking ice coffee, the owner will attract attention. The color of this vomit is transparent or sparse. This is gastric juice, that is, gastric acid secretion of gastric secretion. This is generally prone to this situation when dogs infected with acute gastroenteritis.nIf you find that the dog spit foam, you can first give the fasting for about 12 hours. Then feed the gastrointestinal regulators for pets, such as pet probes, help dogs to stop vomiting, relieve intestinal discomfort, and regulate gastrointestinal health.nThe problem is not big, the acute gastroenteritis comes fast, and the good is good and fastnAsk questions, let me take for a period of time for a while firstnAnswer um, okaynQuestions also give it some prebioticsnGlucose is itnAnswer first, look at the response, and then use the medicine if serious,nAsk questions, goodnWhat can be replaced without this glucosenAnswer glucose can effectively supplement the water and sugar of the dog's lack of. Because after all, do n’t eat or drink, if you do n’t want to, take medicine directly, because an empty stomach is a conservative treatment, if you directly come to the medicine, it must be fastnI also said above, when necessary, the medicine was based on conservative treatment, regardless of the usenAsk the gastrointestinal regulator, right?nAnswer um, yes, I wish the dog recover soonn15 morenBleak

  4. Dogs have gastroenteritis. If it is disordered by intestinal flora, probiotics and antibiotics can be used. If diarrhea and vomiting occur, antidiarrheal and vomiting can be used. If dehydration is caused, body fluids need to be supplemented

  5. "Dog gastroenteritis is generally cold due to the cold season or the digestive dysfunction caused by cold foods. It is recommended to fast for a day, and appropriately supplement oral replenishment salt. If it is accompanied by vomiting Dog feed probiotics to help the intestine return to normal function; if it is a parasitic and other severe diseases, such as gastroenteritis caused by diseases such as small viruses, coronary viruses, and pancreatitis, you should consult as soon as possible. "

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