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  1. The poodle (details)

    When a dog has diarrhea, when the stool is liquid and accompanied by a bad odor, the dog is likely to have gastroenteritis, dogs The intestine contains a large amount of irritating corruption substances, which needs to help dogs to eliminate toxins. After the squeezed substances in the intestine are excluded, the stool will not be stinky. But as long as it is treated in time, the dog can still be cured for a year or two!
    1. Fasting for 1-2 days, and you need to follow the doctor's instructions to take the fluid and antibacterial anti-inflammatory drug.
    2. If enteritis caused by parasites, insect repellent is needed.
    . Smoiling and antidiarrheal, the dog's intestine contains a large amount of irritating corruption substances, which needs to help the dog to eliminate toxins in vitro. After the squeezed substances in the intestine are excluded, the stool will not be stinky.
    4. You need to pay attention to replenishing the dog.
    Stheroons can be completely cured by chronic enteritis, but the treatment time is long, and it is generally necessary to continue treatment for 2-3 months. So parents should not give up their dogs, they must insist on treatment until the dog recovers.

  2. Epicidial injection of galflyin has no effect on gastrointestinalitis!

    The dogs are thin. Generally, there are two reasons for the following

    The may be general gastroenteritis. Generally, gastrointestinal discomfort, or something wrong, or puppy just ate food, does not adapt to food, can cause dilute. This treatment is simple and can give it some drugs for gastroenteritis, such as fluoropromic acid capsules, 土omycin tablets, and galcinicin injection can also be used. It is easy.

    It is a small viral enteritis or canine plague, or infectious hepatitis. You have to see if there are other symptoms, such as fever, eye feces, cough, vomiting, shaking and other symptoms. If so, it should be tested. You can go to the pet hospital for testing, or you can buy back the test strip for it for testing.

    If one of these infectious diseases, it should be attached to it: you can immediately injected it to refine the five -link serum of the dog and combined with antibiotics to prevent secondary infection. Antibiotics can use penicillin, amino cyanomycin or fluoropheninicin, cephalosporin, and so on. If not, infusion should also be performed, and plasma, monoclonal antibodies, etc. should be used. It is best to infusion and infusion treatment to an experienced pet doctor. The effect is the best.

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer Hello ~ Dog gastroenteritis can be improved by improving conditioning treatmentnDearnAt the same time, don't eat the food for the dogs to get angryn1 morenBleak

  4. The daily preparation of Mongolian stone is scattered to the dog first, and the normal frequency of diarrhea will be relieved. The next day, it is better to take it to the hospital in time. After the disease is getting better. In daily homes, we must always prepare some Gu Deng probiotics to condition the dog's gastrointestinal discomfort.

  5. Dogs need to be treated according to enteritis according to the type of enteritis, and the cure rate is high. Parasitic enteritis needs to be deworming in time; viral enteritis can be used for antibody; bacterial enteritis must be used with antibiotics; traumatic enteritis should pay attention to anti -inflammatory, antibacterial or surgery. Pay attention to the light diet during the recovery period, supplement nutrition appropriately, and can cooperate with the food to protect the gastrointestinal mucosa.

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