2 thoughts on “What does a pet dog raise money?”

  1. 1. French bullfighting dog with expensive market price
    France bullfighting dogs are deeply sought after by the shoveling officials because of their cute and dull appearance and expression. In addition, if there is not enough patience and energy to take care of bullfighting dogs in the later period, they may still be sick. It is another big cost to go to pet hospital for treatment. Is a bull dog's image of our good son, or if you have not done a lot of energy and money, then don't accept the responsibility of breeding bullfighting dogs!
    2. The professional household Husky
    has a title of Erha, which may be from their dullness and energy. As long as Husky's energy has not been consumed and you are not at home, then the title of Husky's professional households is not called in vain. Imagine that when you entered the door, I saw the scene of the room being ransacked. How much psychological tolerance is needed to accept the intention of rebuilding the home. This is a small number of flowers.
    3. The amazing borders of the destructive power
    The knows that the ICB of the border shepherd is ranked first. It is the smartest dog, but it is definitely not a tamer. Therefore, one of the most obvious features of Bian Mu is that it is difficult to discipline, it takes a lot of energy, and it takes a lot of money to pay a lot of money on the feeding of Bianmu. Bian Mu is clever, likes to do it with the owner, and the destructive power is not lower than Hargis. Therefore, combining these, raising border herds is also a big amount of expenses. And learn to tame them with effective training. Reduce its destructive power.
    4. The personality is tamed, and the amazing amount of rice
    Labrador is a docile dog, and the regular market price will not be very high, but it is very easy for Labrador The possibility of suffering from natural genetic diseases is very high. If you choose regular channel treatment, it will be a large amount of breeding costs. And because Labrador's feeding is very large, it also increases the risk of gastrointestinal diseases. Based on these, raising Labrado will actually face high problems.

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