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  1. SF can receive pets.
    The pet of SF Express:
    1. Pet Fast transportation is known as SF Express in the pet industry. Of course, the courier living pet dog can be courier.
    2, the courier price is similar to the empty transport, and there are special care on the road, and the security is guaranteed.
    3, there must be no aircraft fast in time, but there are many troubles such as animal quarantine.
    4. Petting the pets for fast transportation pets. As long as the pet owner places the order on SF Pet Express's website and pays 200 yuan for the deposit, the rest will be handed over to the express, saving a lot of time.
    5, advantages: pet safety is guaranteed, you can implement point -to -point services, and the procedures are simple and save time.
    6, the disadvantage is that it is higher than the consignment cost with the railway and highway passenger.
    The petfall process:
    The process for SF to handle pets is to check the pet body, then the price is determined, and the consignment can be completed in the end. The specific operation steps are as follows:
    1. Live animals: Except for hairy crabs, turtles, lobsters, other living body animals are prohibited from receiving.

    2, restricted collection and delivery: ① land transport express: single -piece billing weight does not exceed 130kg or three sides (long, wide, height) of no more than 2.5 meters, 1.5 meters, 1.5 meters; ② aviation expressway : The weight of the single -piece billing is not more than 80kg or three sides (length, width, height) of not more than 2.5 meters, 1 meter, and 0.8 meters, respectively.

    3, aviation restrictions: original commercial packaging liquid, paste, powder foods can be shipped by aviation, such as the original packaging milk powder, coffee powder, health products, mineral water, etc. Other liquid, paste, and powder items must be provided with the "Appraisal Report" before the shipping airport is reported to pass the airline before shipping.
    4, chemicals: except for daily chemicals (such as toothpaste, facial cleanser, dishwashing, cosmetics), other chemical items must provide safety attribute proof materials. Essence If you need to pass the aviation, the "Appraisal Report" needs to be provided at the shipping airport to pass the airline before shipping.

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