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  1. All domestic courier companies do not transport living bodies.
    At present, there are only four ways to express or consignment dogs:: bus consignment, train consignment, air shipping, pet special car, etc. If you choose a aviation consignment, you need to issue a quarantine certificate. If there is no quarantine certificate, the airport refuses to board the plane. Of course, in addition to the above methods, you can also drive the dog to your destination by yourself.
    It's precautions for mail:
    1. When mailing things, put things into a carton or package, and seal it with a tape. If not, the post will help the customer in a box. Of course, the box needs to be charged separately. If the small thing is small, the courier staff will take it back to help the customer.
    2, select the courier company or postal. If it is a general opening store to send Dongxi, most of them are companies such as Shentong Yuantong Yunda, and a small part is SF Express. In express delivery, SF is relatively fastest, and the postal is slow, but it is suitable for sending large objects.
    3, courier will request a order. Then call the weight, calculate according to kg, and press 1kg less than 1kg.

  2. There is no courier that can be sent to live pets. It is recommended to take a pet dedicated land or air transport. The land transport will be safer than air transportation and reduce the stress reaction

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer Hello, I have received your question, and you are sorting out the relevant information. Please wait a while and answer you immediately.nHello, pet travel, China Railway Express, pets must travel pets, Fengyi platforms, etc. The pets of pet consignment are mainly: one feeding legs, pet consignment, one feeding, thousands of pets, etc. Due to the late start, limited development, and a single business business in our country's pet logistics. At present, it is mainly concentrated in the field of pet consignment to achieve physical flow from the starting place to destination. The transportation method is completed. I hope my answer can help you.

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