Where is the dog market in Shangqiu?

I heard that there is a dog market in Shangqiu. I want to buy a meat dog baby. I wonder if I can?

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  1. Now, there are two places, the National Highway 310 has not been removed, and there is still one in the intersection of the platform East Expressway. It is too far and never visited.
    It may not be too much now, but now in Shangqiu City, various pet shops have various breeds of dogs. It cannot be said to be the best, but it is also possible, but the price is slightly higher. The price is between 500-800.
    It a few good shops, you can also go to see the place. The first Mu Bing pet leisure club, in the new Normal University, the second Dennis, a crystal pet shop 300 meters north.
    The functional characteristics of dogs

    The dog's olfactory sensitivity is ranked first in each animal. Blind dogs can use the nose to live like normal dogs. The dog sensitivity of the dog is mainly manifested: one is the degree of sensitivity to the smell; the other is the ability to distinguish the smell.
    The sensitivity will vary depending on the type of taste. The ability of dogs to discover the smell is 1 million or even 10 million times human. The ability to distinguish the smell is more than 1,000 times. The odor, the excellent police dogs specially trained can identify different odors of more than 100,000 kinds.
    The survey results of the European Lung Disease Foundation show that lung cancer is the second roughly dead cancer of Europeans. Studies have found that dogs who have been trained by smell can be heard from 100 patients with lung cancer patients, and the accuracy of 372/400 can also be reached 372/400 for samples without lung cancer.
    The hearing
    The auditory stress can reach 12,000 Hz, which is 16 times that of human beings. It can hear the longest distance of about 400 times that of human. Dogs' discerning ability of the sound direction is also twice the humans, and can distinguish 32 directions. It can distinguish the number of vibrations per minute of the auctioner of 96 or 100 times, 133 or 144 times. Dogs' passwords and simple languages ​​can establish conditional reflection according to the changes in tune syllables.
    The above reference: Baidu Encyclopedia-Dog

  2. Every Saturday or Sunday on Saturday, Sunday, there will be a dog market on Saturday and Sunday, where everyone goes on Saturday and Sunday. a bit.

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