5 thoughts on “My own dog was killed by my neighbors. Is it a illegal act?”

  1. The dogs that have been raised by their own family have been killed by neighbors and belong to illegal acts. They can investigate the corresponding legal responsibilities of the neighbors through legal channels and bear compensation.
    Legal analysis
    It, dogs are personal private property and are protected by law according to law. The intention to kill the dog is a act of damaging public and private property, causing the crime of intentional destroying public and private property for more than 5,000 yuan, and criminal responsibility in accordance with the law; the criminal punishment does not constitute a crime, and the actor shall bear civil liability for civil compensation. In the criminal law, the crime of deliberately destroying property refers to the deliberate destruction or damage to public and private property, with a large amount or other serious circumstances. The subject of this crime is the general subject, and natural per capita per capita criminal criminal criminal crime can constitute the crime of criminal responsibility. Those who deliberately destroyed public and private property are large or other serious circumstances, and they are sentenced to imprisonment, detention or fines for less than three years; if the amount is huge or other particularly serious, it will be sentenced to three years and seven years. Criminal acts in intentional destruction of property are usually caused by some reality. The perpetrator may be due to the blow revenge on the owner of the property, or jealousy, or other similar psychological attitudes, and destroying the property of the property to cause the property of everyone to lose its criminal purpose. According to the situation, we must first know the value of poisonous dogs. If it is a very expensive variety, it may bear criminal responsibility. Regardless of whether the dog is legally adopted, it is a legitimate property. This legal property is sacred and inviolable. If others randomly kill the parties' dogs, then it will be illegal. The lightest is also the losses caused by violations of legitimate property. The losses caused to the parties can be required to compensate. This is a civil liability. If the dog is a precious dog breed, if a certain amount is reached, the other party will still have criminal responsibility.
    The legal basis
    "The Criminal Law of the People's Republic of China" Article 275 intentionally destroyed public and private property, with a large amount or other serious circumstances. Those who are huge or other particularly severe plots are sentenced to imprisonment for three or less.

  2. It must be considered illegal. Generally, this situation is definitely incompatible with the neighbors, and it is directly alarm. If you compensate for specific compensation, you need to negotiate with each other. According to the value of the dog, the cost of cultivating dogs is cultivated.

  3. This is considered the property of the dead. If the dogs raised have obvious prices, they need to double compensation, pets and other companions, and they are not allowed to slaughter casually and belong to the category of protecting animals.

  4. The behavior of neighbors is illegal, violating and damage the landlord's property.
    The landlord may wish to file a civil lawsuit and ask the other party to make compensation.

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