1 thought on “What should I pay attention to after passing the five -united needle?”

  1. Let me answer you in detail as much as possible:
    . If it is less than 3 and a half months and all the vaccines, the puppies before the injection of all the vaccines are best not to take a bath in principle. Because the puppies 'respiratory system is still very fragile at this time, if it causes a cold due to carelessness in the bath, it is very troublesome for puppies. It is easy to turn into pneumonia in time, which may endanger puppies' lives. During the vaccine injection, if the bath causes a cold and causes the puppies' physical resistance to decrease, it will cause immune failure, and due to the weakening of the virus itself, and the danger of life. So try not to take a bath during this period.
    . If the dog cannot take a bath but dirty on the body, you can give the puppies every day to sort out the dust and other impurities on the body hair; It is also good for skin health and promoting hair quality; and diligent in combing is also done as the owner itself; another way is to use pet -dedicated dry cleaning powder for cleaning body hair. It is also effective to remove the odor, so try it.
    3. After 10 days of injection, you can start bathing, but there are a few points to pay attention to:
    1. The bathing time is best to choose at noon. At this time High, suitable for bathing.
    2, water temperature must be at about 45 degrees, especially for puppies and female dogs in pregnancy.
    3. It is strictly forbidden to use shampoos or human baths used by people. Human products are too alkaline and hurt the dog's hair and skin.
    4. After bathing, you must fully blow dry hair. The specific method is to insert deep into the hair with your fingers. If the bottom hair is still moist, you must continue to dry. And lead to skin diseases.
    5, bathing should not be diligent. Too diligent bathing can damage the dog's skin acid -base balance, but it is easy to cause skin diseases. The correct approach is to wash at least one week or more, and once a month in winter.

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