1 thought on “What should I do if my dog ​​wears clothes in winter”

  1. If the hair on the pet dog has been knotted, then please do not rush to wet hair with water. Because the dog's hair is wet and then dry, they will shrink, so that it will become more difficult to sort out. If you want to dredge the dog hair that has been knotted, you should prepare a professional comb, and then prepare a pair of scissors for later use. Sometimes you need to prepare professional dogs.

    The hair that has been knotted by the pet dog should start with the tip of the hair and sort out the root of the hair little by little. If the hair is difficult to sort out smoothly, then you can spray some dogs to smooth the hair, and then sort out. Of course, if the hair of the pet dog has been tied very seriously, and it is still not smooth through the effort, the easiest way is to cut off the ball ball with scissors, and then repeat the hair.

    Inned knife, professional opening tool

    n short hair pet dog hair groups will be relatively small, like long hair dogs The hair is easy to get tangled. In order to avoid these problems, in daily life, you should insist on combing hair dogs every day, especially long hair dogs. You must insist on taking care of hair to prevent pet dog hair from getting tie.

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