5 thoughts on “How to do dnf pets?”

  1. First, buy directly. Pets "Bobby" for the mall, you can buy it directly.
    . The mall purchase a festive package or pet gift package. There are pets and pet feed inside.
    . Open the box. The mall has recently launched a spring gift box for flowers and dance. Pets your pets with some coupons. But this is to be lucky.
    . Participate in the event.
    The siege activities held every week, the medal of 50 chaser in the event, can be exchanged for free to redeem the mini Goblin at Olka.
    The tree pet pets and the latest Lotus DIY activities. Get the task at Grandma Olan.
    The buds of buds (free of charge) (end) (end)
    DIY long feet Rats (in the middle)

    In required materials and obtaining methods:
    1 vitality fragments
    (BOSS obtained by killing the BOSS in the world and the murmur)
    50 life of life (Olan and Selia Obtain daily tasks, buy directly in the mall)
    1 mini Rotis
    production chart (you can buy one 100w of Olan at the Olan)
    Just make a picture and make it.

  2. Click on the dog's logo below the deduction page to enter the pet network to log in to the buckle and smash the golden eggs. When you hit it, there is a pet, but it is an egg. You can watch him out to raise him.

  3. The mall's wishful treasure box has a pet egg, or it is enough to buy, but it is more expensive equivalent to more than 50 treasure boxes.

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