1 thought on “How to get pets for free dnf”

  1. DNF games can be paired with pets, but pets need to be obtained by themselves, which can be obtained for free through some methods.
    Tools/: Dungeon and Warriors (DNF), mobile phone: model vivo X21A mobile phone, system vivo Rev 7.5.7
    1, enter the DNF mobile game, click the [pet] button.
    2, enter the pet function interface, click the [Fun Pet] option on the left.
    3, and then at the interface you enter, you can click the [Buy 1 Meng Pet Coin] button every day and click.
    4, then you can start to rotate in the previous turn, stay on the pet, and get pets. The probability is currently very high. At the same time, you can get an additional pet to get the pet.
    5, finally in the pet, you can see this pet, click to pop up the pet details interface, we can view.

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