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  1. You can adopt pets at the stray dog ​​base, where most of the pets are native cats and earth dogs. Some pet shops can also adopt pets, but they are relatively rare. From the online caring people and institutions, it is difficult to adopt pets for free. Before adopting pets, you should think clearly whether you can always take care of it and don't abandon it.
    The place where you can adopt pets
    The adoption of pets can go to the local stray dog ​​base. Most of them are native dogs and cats. People who do not special specifically requirements for varieties are recommended to adopt. Adopting pets at the stray dog ​​base does not need to spend money, but after adoption, pay attention to bringing pets to vaccine, deworming and physical examination.

    It some pet shops can also adopt pets for free. This pet shop generally has some public welfare properties, but it is rare. The application conditions will also be strict, and general students cannot adopt, because students cannot ensure the normal life of pets due to their own conditions.

    The online social platforms such as Weibo, Post Bar, and local forums. There are many caring people and institutions. They are committed to rescue stray cats and dogs. They can also adopt dogs for free. No matter where you adopt it, you cannot abandon if you raise it, so it is best to consider it before adoption.

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