The origin and custom of Christmas

It is said that on the night of December 24th every year, Santa Claus will fly in the sky with a sleigh pulled by reindeer, go from house to house through the chimney, and secretly put gifts such as luxury snow globes into the socks.

That every year in the Christmas you, know the origin of Christmas?

The origin of Christmas is mainly said to celebrate the birth of the Son Jesus Christ. It is said that Jesus was conceived by the Holy Spirit and born of the virgin Mary. God sent Gabriel to Joseph in a dream, telling him not to abandon Mary because she was unmarried and pregnant, but to marry her and name the child "Jesus". The angel told Joseph that Jesus could save the people from their SINS.

Later generations to commemorate the birth of Jesus, will set December 25 for Christmas, annual look at Mass (look at Mass is a religious activity name, meaning to participate in Mass, often refers to the religious personnel involved in commemorating the birth of Jesus), to commemorate the birth of Jesus. This is the origin of Christmas one of the more popular.

Christmas from the early nineteenth century to the middle of development, the whole of Europe, the Americas began to have a Christmas. From December 24 to January 6 of the next year for the Christmas holiday. During the festival, Christians all over the world held a grand memorial ceremony.

The origin of Christmas is originally from Christianity, is a Christian festival, because people pay special attention to it, in the future it gradually developed into a national holiday, a grand national holiday in the year, can be compared with the New Year, similar to the Chinese Spring Festival.

That's where Christmas comes from. After the reform and opening up, Christmas began to spread in China, and organically combined with Chinese local customs, the development of increasingly mature. There are several common Christmas customs: Christmas cards, Christmas stockings, Christmas hats, Christmas trees and so on.

Since the origin of Christmas, Westerners to red, green, white three colors for Christmas, Christmas comes every family to decorate with Christmas colors. The red ones have Christmas flowers and Christmas candles. Green is the Christmas tree. It is the main decoration of Christmas, with a kind of evergreen tree with the shape of fir, cypress tower decoration. Above hanging colorful lights, gifts and paper flowers, but also lit the Christmas candle.

The red and white side by side is Santa Claus, who is the much anticipated and welcomed figure of Christmas. Before going to bed on Christmas Eve, western children should put a sock in front of the fireplace or beside the pillow, waiting for Santa Claus to put the gift in the sock after they fall asleep.

In China, couples who attach importance to the sense of ritual will naturally not miss every day worth celebrating. On Christmas Day, the boy will become the girl's Santa Claus and give her exquisite gifts to express his love. So have you got a gift for your significant other this year? In general, cosmetics and skin care products are popular gifts at Christmas. This kind of gift fits well with the Christmas theme and is very popular with girls.

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