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  1. We all know that many college students are unwilling to engage in the medical industry. There is a saying that the phrase "three minutes on the stage on the stage" was originally used to describe the hard work of actors in the Chinese opera industry. It is also said on the medical students now. Their efforts they have paid in private may not only be these ten years of skills, but many medical students are studying all their lives. His post is to treat the sick people through the knowledge he learned, and grab the person who is in danger from the death of death. Only one person in a person's life dare not ignore others' lives. After all, this is a matter of life. Essence
    Mo many medical students want to realize their ideals through their own efforts, but the medical accidents that have occurred in the past two years have made many people feel sad about people's attitude towards medical staff. But all the faults are blamed on the medical staff, which causes many people to stop because of this attitude even if they want to study medicine.
    In I do n’t know if you have thought about the decline or demise of the industry in this industry? In fact, the decline and demise of the pharmaceutical industry shows that more and more young people are not willing to actively participate in the medical industry, and due to the various pressures of the outside world, the pressure of medical staff is also very stressed, and although it does not look like it is not like Teachers can also be respected in society.
    , although their nature is the same, one is the leader, and the other is a protector who maintains the safety of the human body. They all serve people through their own efforts to allow them to live better. The evaluation is not very high, and even many patients have a lot of prejudice against medical staff.
    So the decline in the pharmaceutical industry has a large relationship with the prejudice of this society for medical staff. We must understand the responsibilities of medical staff and respect their work.

  2. The old words say that it is difficult to get medicine for seeing a doctor, and the explosion of the medical industry is gradually becoming regular. The days when the middlemen earn the difference are gradually coming, especially the current status of profit -making differences is about to change. 3 million medicine representatives are about to face transformation. The fading of this industry illustrates the following points:

    1 .. The determination of national reform. On December 1, 2020, the State issued the "Administrative Measures for the Registered of Medical Representatives": Academic promotion activities were carried out without filing, and medical promotion activities were launched without medical institutions. These are restrictions on the terrain of medical representatives, and even forbidden. The determination of the country's strong reform has allowed more people to enjoy more evaluated medicines and services, so that more people share a better life. 2. Reform of the medical system. The national medical system has gradually moved towards formalization, and centralized purchases of hospitals will not be determined by medical representatives. Centralized procurement can meet price transparency and standardization. Three real goods are fundamentally fair, open, and fair. In this way, the gray chain is interrupted, and it also avoids corruption in the medical industry. The centralized procurement of drugs has also compressed the intermediate link, eliminating unnecessary steps, and even reducing gray income, making the medical industry a healthier development.
    3. Information disclosure and transparency. Medical representatives originated in the United States and representatives are a kind of consultation and service, not marketing and public relations. Even the illegal transportation, in my country, medical representatives are mainly some people without medical foundation. They mainly played the public relations personnel to transport private interests from hospitals and other private interests. Now the Internet is developed and the information is smooth. People want to purchase drugs. They can be sent to the doorstep through the Internet and even express delivery. It is no longer a difficult situation that is difficult to find. Information disclosure and transparency make medicine prices return to the source. People no longer worry about buying the corresponding medicine, and they can find better alternative medicines online without leaving home. Doctors will also return to their posts. According to the needs of the patient, they will prescribe medicines that are truly cheap and cheap for the disease.

  3. It shows that the development prospects of this post are not particularly good. From the side, it also reflects that my country's medical system is more perfect. There is no need for some middlemen to make differences. Many things are placed on the bright side.

  4. It shows that the industry has no future development in the future. Because the profit of pharmaceuticals is getting lower and lower, many pharmaceutical representatives have withdrawn from the industry, so it has also led to an increased unemployment rate.

  5. It shows that the doctor has worked hard in the future, so many new medicines are unclear. Since then, no professionals have explained the efficacy and ingredients. They have to find information by themselves. Three days of medical treatment is just a problem of ten days of medical treatment, it's okay

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