3 thoughts on “What are the better HR systems in Guangzhou?”

  1. Now HR software is relatively mature, and it is well done. Needless to say, Kingdee and UFIDA's big heads. The HR system is a rising star, and the management concepts and functions of the system implementation are very good.

  2. The HR module of Kingdee K/3 is doing well, and the cost performance is relatively high. Our company started to use it very long ago. With our own development, the application of software must be continuously upgraded. Kingdee provides us with integration solutions for consulting and services, which makes us quite satisfied.

  3. Our company has a molecular company in Guangzhou. It uses Dongbao HR system. It feels good. The price, functions, deployment and after -sales service are very good. Especially for attendance, salary and performance. a bit.

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