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  1. How long does it take to learn welding? If you can engage in the basic work of welding, the school can be about 2 months. If you want to learn all, you need to learn the essence for about 2 years. There are many types of electrical welding, mainly hand handle welding, arc welding, second guaranteed welding, buried arc welding, gas welding, etc. The simplest thing is the most commonly used handlebar. Its principle is very simple, that is, using the positive and negative short circuit of the welding machine to make the electrical energy produce a huge arc heat melting box and welding parts. If you want to learn essence, you must need to practice for a long time, after all, handle welding is the basis. The rest are almost the same. The simplicity should be the second guarantee. Its full name is carbon dioxide gas protection welding. It will be very easy to weld the foundation with a little hand. Buried arc welding is also very simple. There is a foundation for welding. If there is no, let the teacher take you twice, knowing how to adjust the current voltage. Asian arc welding is also relatively simple. At least the foundation of the handle is better. You can learn in about two or three months. Generally, there are very few all -round things, most of which are welded with electric electricity. There are a lot of gas protection welding and gas welding. Generally, more formal companies, companies. There are also age restrictions.

  2. Answer, it takes a few months to learn the welding, and the welding science is good: 3-5 years generally welding apprentices are generally 3-5 years from the basics to their own operation, because apprentices are through the way of master and apprentices. Looking for it, there are few operations, which means that there are very few opportunities to practice, and often many apprentices have been confused after many years of learning, so the study time is relatively long.

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